What is actually at WhatsApp Web online status?

What is actually at WhatsApp Web online status?

Which one WhatsApp Web Online Status is displayed when you open the Messenger in the browser? We reveal when the profile as “online” is displayed and when the “offline”!

The Messenger can be used on a computer in two ways, either directly in the browser or by downloading WhatsApp for PC as a standalone program. No matter which option you choose, the status display is the same for both.

The WhatsApp Web Online Status appears …

… if the application is open in the window. WhatsApp runs only in the background, the status changes back to offline. In the background of the messenger running, for example, in these cases:

  • After downloading the program when the icon is indeed seen in the taskbar, but the program is not open on the monitor.
  • In the browser when the tab is open but another window is displayed on the desktop.

If the window of WhatsApp visible somewhere on the computer, Updated WhatsApp Web See who is online and all of the contacts that you use the service straight.

WhatsApp Web Online StatusThe WhatsApp Web online status appears when the Anwendug running in the foreground.

WhatsApp Web: Status appears delayed

Who uses the Messenger on the PC must expect status with minimal delays in updating the Web WhatsApp Online. The reasons are not so obvious as it might seem at first glance. Although because only mirrored on the PC, what actually happens on the smartphone, although this is not a sufficient justification for the late update on the status, meet both here since almost the same time a message. What mysterious forces it also may be responsible always: you have to expect that it will be longer displayed as online, as it is actually so. Whoever has people in his circle of acquaintances who cares if it was here or not, but may indicate a reason just as well this time delay in WhatsApp Web as a reason (or, at worst, as an excuse).

  Caution: WhatsApp spam disguised as group chat!

can the Hide your online status?

No. Although the timestamp can be disabled, but both on the phone and on the PC, the status online will appear as soon as the application is open (or running on the computer in the foreground). Only the time stamp can be globally hide – but then you no longer see this even in his contacts. The settings for this can be found in the main menu under Settings. Here you can choose the options account and following data protection. Under last online can be set now if any, only the stored contacts or no one should know when you had to WhatsApp last opened.

Hide WhatsApp Web Online StatusSo you can disable at least the time stamp.