SKAT Peter Heinlein

SKAT Peter Heinlein

SKAT Peter Heinlein brings the popular German card game in electronic form on the home computer. This shareware game is guided by the rules of the German Skat Association and uses original sheets of a well-known playing card manufacturer.

The SKAT Peter Heinlein download provides entertaining Skatpartien

Thus SKAT Peter Heinlein does not fall despite this reality proximity to deadly serious, to measure his gaming skills with cartoon mice and similar semi-serious opponents. Their skill level you should however – since the update of AI in the latest version 9 – do not underestimate, otherwise you have suddenly lost his game – and must listen to the malicious comments of its pixels counterparties.

SKAT Peter Heinlein Download

Educational interactive introduction to Skat

After this SKAT Peter Heinlein Download and the installation will receive Skat beginners on request an instructive introduction to the complex Skatspiel and great exercise. With game proposals and an interactive introduction to the Skat, the newcomer is familiar with the basic rules of skat. Useful functions like the display of the last stitch, the leaf of the opponents and the already fallen eyes of stitches help you quickly learn the card game. In addition, the player can at any time withdraw a train, which would probably lead to the normal card table mostly to a vigorous opposition of players.

get statistics and enact exercise games

To perfect their own style of play, are also trained Skatspielern many interesting features. So can a detailed game play every game to retrieve and repeat the most recent game at any time. Comprehensive statistics and refined exercise games provide after Skat download for additional information. It is also possible to play on request custom maps distributions.

SKAT Peter Heinlein Download background

Numerous setting options in SKAT Peter Heinlein

The game, the players, either defensive, balanced or offensive, is also adjusted as the memory of the computer opponents. With a very good memory of the computer analyzes all already fallen bites, whereas not all game information will be analyzed at a bad memory for the last stitches. The speed can be determined very quickly from slow to. In terms of looks alot to offer: The background graphic can choose between a pub, an island and mountains. A neutral theme can also be chosen.

set rules for Double, Re, Bock and garage

The player can use flexible sorting options for his maps also, show their own pictures at their opponents and determine how talkative the playing partner to be. The rules of counterpoint, Re, Bock and garage are also determined by the card player as you wish. He can also choose whether he prefers a French journal, a tournament sheet or a German newspaper.

SKAT Peter Heinlein Download sheet

Funny Skatspiel for beginners and professionals

Anyone who wants to design his own players and environments. Thus, the Skat-sheets must not inevitably fly over tables in smoky pubs. In addition, the Skat is flexible in terms of the rules. Those who do not want to adhere strictly to the official rules, simply adapts them to his personal taste.

Limitations of SKAT Peter Heinlein

In the trial the game from time to time is briefly interrupted.

Editor’s Rating

SKAT Peter Heinlein Download Editor's Rating

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