Plague Inc. Cheats: How to get to the special modes

Plague Inc. Cheats: How to get to the special modes

Plague Inc. Cheats, help from the start in the eradication of mankind, there is not. now learn under what conditions you cheat modes unlocks and disseminated infections.

Neither for the Android version or for the Plague Inc. Evolved download that takes the strategy game on the PC, cheats are known to go for new users at hand. However, there are so-called cheat modes, which can be activated after fulfilling certain conditions. What are they and what one still helps to successfully infect the world show the next tips.

Plague Inc. Cheats

Thus Plague Inc. cheats unlocked

Anyone who has gambled the end-time simulation game ever with all pathogens and different strategies that might already by chance ran across: So there are a few cheats that can be unlocked when the gamer has already shown that he is a good strategist. A prerequisite for the activation of special modes to have first completed all eight standard plagues under the Brutal difficulty. If this condition is met, 6 Plague Inc. unlocked cheats, their mode of action are explained below:

  • (1) hidden PlageAll governments keep silent fingers – no one will act against an exposed disease.

  • (2) infinite Plage: Here, the user starts with 2,000 points DNS. With these conditions, like any pathogen can be successfully disseminated in the world as well.

  • (3) immune PlageGovernments are busy in curing agent research, but all stop at a level of 99 percent.

  • (4) random tribe: This cheat mode, the gamer has to rely on his luck. It starts here with five random developments.

  • (5) Mix Master: This mode is similar in some meadow to chance trunk, because here all developments are wildly mixed mess.

  • (6) Turbo tribe: Here the user skips the first step and start at the point where the starting country is ready infected 100 percent.

Plague Inc. Cheats Necroa virus

The last three Plague Inc. cheats have been added with the release of version 1.8.1. Which certainly provide more variety and excitement, as the first three. is for all cheats simultaneously the Necroa virus unlocked.
NoteIt can not have two cheat modes at the same time, but Only one activated become.

Strategy tips to achieve the cheat modes

Who has to fulfill the conditions for the above cheats first, perhaps can bring his strategy for success with these tips.

  • As a starting country choose an island, as these regions are difficult to infect. For example, New Zealand, Madagascar, Greenland or Iceland.

Plague Inc. Cheats Home Country

  • Even poorer or developing countries with a large population density, but lack of health networks are a good choice for the start. This includes, for example, India.

  • invest some DNA points to speed up the infection. Thus, mutations can be induced, which in turn prevent healing agent strike.

  • Always keep an eye on the trends and developments; observe News, actions of governments and research achievements for healing agent.

Plague Inc. Cheats News

  • If there is a risk that the virus is detected, not shrink for the pathogen downgrade sometimes.

  • bring bubbles to burst and thus earn points

Attention to these tips and leads a well thought out strategy, you can infect the world without Plague Inc. cheats.