Clash Royale

Clash Royale

The Clash Royale App is not a continuation of CoC, but a separate new game – and a really good one. The Android app skillfully combines card game with tower defense mechanics and the most popular characters from CoC. Finish is a fantastic real-time multiplayer game for smart phone and tablet.

Clash Royale app: Tower Defense meets card game

Appearances are deceptive. Who sees the characters might think smooth, Supercell could have just released a second part of his success Hits Clash of Clans. But none. With Clash Royale although familiar faces coming on the mobile screen. The gameplay, however, is a completely different. The appearance is, and some popular characters like the barbarian, the cute baby dragon or giant are also part of the game. Nevertheless, players must get involved in something completely new. And that’s fun.

The developers have just a little experimenting. The result is a very special but highly interesting mix of tactical card game and tower defense.

Clash Royale AppEven if it looks like the Clash Royale app is not a successor CoC. (Image: Supercell)

In Clash Royale Android another blow from the tower

Your goal is to overthrow the enemy king and his princes and to expel them from their towers. This will make your namely win trophies, crowns and, above all glory. And that is important.

To all of this to achieve, you close you best in clans, shares and exchanged cards and thinks you share a tactically clever strategy to compete against opponents.

After typical tower defense mechanics your duel you with other players and fight for victory and the prestige.

The map is divided into two parts, your side is the lower. Divided the kingdoms are by a river, which can be cross only by two bridges. Three towers have you that you must defend your. At the same time it is your job to stomp the towers of the opponent, especially ultimately its main tower into the ground.

The games are short – only three minutes left to force the opponent to his knees. So we must deliberately and tactically proceed to send the right fighters into battle and to work the right magic. As a reward for the struggle success there is gold chests to get hold of valuable treasures.
For every success, there are trophies with which new arenas can also be enabled, in which in turn initiate new fighters. In addition, there are regular new leagues, where you can compete and receive monthly rewards.

Deck of cards determines the success

Probably the most important element in the Clash Royale app is the card deck. Here it is: Nothing to lose sight! Because this deck determines the success and failure. It is therefore important to expand the deck one by one. Here, however, a balance between attack and defense must be found that matches your game tactics. Someone who receives only strong fighter will have almost no chance against someone who has mainly taken quick and convenient troops. Because strong fighters cost a lot of elixir, and that makes fast unpleasantly.

Tickets are available but numerous and magic is not rare. There are regularly discovering new things and always new cards are added, making the game in the long run very exciting. It just makes great fun to develop its own deck and on and adapt to his personal strategy to hone it more and more. Perfect never will be, in addition to many new, even more fantastic cards come.

Clash Royale app cardsMany cards and arenas can be unlocked in Clash Royale. (Image: Supercell)

form clans and trade cards

As already mentioned, a key part of the game, the Clan Building. Closes you together with other players, as the Clash Royale app is a multiplayer game. And only those who allied themselves tactically, was really successful in the long run. For other gamers may have THE card that your looking for quite some time and makes your deck only really strong. Within a clan You have namely the possibility to swap. But private duels are possible, where you can pit yourself against your friends.

A nice gimmick is also the integrated cinema, called TV Royale. Here you can watch all the struggles of other players and you acquire some clever tactics that you implement it in the next battle itself.

Free game

The really fantastic thing Clash Royale is that you gain an incredibly extensive game with addicting gameplay completely free of charge. While there are in-app purchases, but these are purely optional. If you want to protect from accidental purchases, you can set up password protection on the Google Play Store app.

To play, access to the internet is required, so best you play in Wi-Fi to save mobile data.
What is needed is an Android device running Android 4.0.3 or higher.