Cashbook 2014

In cash book, the name is legendary program. The free software download for control and content manage monthly income and expenditure without much effort based on Excel or OpenOffice Calc. The cash book is clearly divided, recorded master data about the company and calculated tax amounts automatically.

Handling the free cash book 2014 download

Cash Journal 2014 download is not just a spreadsheet included. The setup will automatically find out if Excel or Calc installed on the PC and sets the appropriate variant - Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc are thus correspondingly requirement. After installation is complete, the spreadsheet will then start at the request directly to the Excel cashbook. Depending on the security setting, the macros have to be activated to produce the full functionality of the worksheet in the first embodiment. This is done via the yellow bar that is displayed in the first embodiment at the top of the table. it can immediately start collecting data enable after clicking on content.

Cashbook 2014 DownloadCashbook 2014 download free Excel basis (Image: Screenshot Togitech / Editorial)

Data acquisition in Excel cashbook

The data collection of Cashbook 2014 Download is well organized and divided into multiple sheets at the bottom. Here capture users in the first step on the Data tab to complete Master data of the company, including address and tax number and a possible previous transfer.

Gathering the monthly income and expenses

For each month the changes in the cash position will now be stored on individual worksheets. Every single book consists of:

  • Serial number (assigned automatically)
  • date
  • designation
  • expenditure
  • revenue
  • tax rate
  • Control amount (calculated automatically)
  • New cash (calculated automatically)

Even though no tax would be paid on booking, still must enter the tax rate, in the case just 0%, necessary - otherwise the new cash balance is not output. This is a bit cumbersome, but if you know it, to be recorded as rather small flaw. For this, the previous year's carry-over from the master data and the monthly transfer in the other months are automatically copied from the previous month in the first month.

Cashbook 2014 Download ExcelPrior-year and month transfer are automatically adopted. (Image: Screenshot Togitech / Editorial)

The entire movement is the Excel cashbook download tabulated from the spreadsheet overall. Here are the Overview of revenue and expenditure per month including the resulting tax payable to the Treasury shown. Among them are the cash journal, the total revenue of the year and the overall change from - as usual red with the set in and have in green. Moreover, graphical reports are available, albeit quite rudimentary over the leaves diagram. 1 and 2

Cash book free for small businesses

Up to 120 bookings a year, the cash book is free. The POS data are captured with all that the Treasury needed and clearly sorted. New bookings are done with a few clicks and master data and the general overview are equipped with a print function.

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Limitations of cashbook 2014

A maximum of 120 entries in the Freeware Edition

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