Easy Excel holiday planner

Of the Holiday planner 2017 download and the holiday planner 2018 download provide clear templates for vacation planning and holiday planning. The Excel holiday templates enable companies and their employees a clever planning and presentation of the absences of up to eleven people.

Presence and absence planning with the holiday planner 2017 download and holiday planner 2018 download

If more than one person to work in a company, they should use a clear and easily accessible holiday planner to have the presence and absence days of all parties control at all times. For this the holiday planner Excel are excellent. Up to 11 employees in a holiday table all important data for their own presence and absence of wear, so that it can be seen at a glance when and which employees are missing and thus staff shortages are expected.

Holiday planner 2017 Download ExcelHoliday planner 2017 download: the presence and absence days in the table fill in! (Screenshot: Editorial)

Enter holidays and noted reduction of overtime

The presentation of an holiday planner employees also have a good grasp of their own absences at hand. The holiday planner 2017 has no blade guard. The user can define below the vacation planner, such as vacation days, holidays, sickness, compensation, unpaid leave or for the reduction of overtime so as you desire your own icons, shortcuts or colors.

Holiday planner 2017 as Excel and PDF document

The template for the vacation planning is printed either in A4 landscape format or A3 landscape format, allowing for more transparency in the vacation plans. Simply enter, print and hang! In addition to the Excel template that can be previously filled in with your own data, a blank calendar for the holiday planner 2017 in PDF format is available, which is suitable for hand-written notes.

Holiday planner 2017 download holiday planner 2018The holiday planner 2018 download is available in three different colors (screenshot: editorial)

Holiday planner 2018 in triplicate for the early vacation planning

Who has been involved with the holiday planning for 2018, fetches the holiday planner 2018 download. Again, this serves as an Excel template for the presentation and management of leave and absence days of employees and work colleagues. The holiday planner 2018 download is available as a template in triplicate ready: In blue, bright red and green. It serves not only as an Excel vacation planner, but can be used for example also with OpenOffice Calc. Those looking for more tools for spreadsheets, will find in our extensive download offer.