Calendar 2015

Calendar 2015

Those who like to keep an overview of upcoming holidays or own dates for the coming year with the Calendar 2015 Download well prepared. With a choice of 16 different design templates of the proper calendar should be something for every taste and need.

With the calendar 2015 Download the perfect annual survey

If one is honest – without calendar is now actually nothing. It starts but even in little things: You need a quick overview of the days in the next month or you want to know what date the next weekend. On a calendar builds entire organization and scheduling appointments on. For the coming year, the calendar brings 2015 Download the right instrument to the computer. Compared to many other calendars and reminder freeware, there is a free Package of 16 different templates, which can be used according to need. In addition to the different arrangement of the month also different colors were used – again, there should be something for every taste.

Calendar 2015 Download

Reminder & Calendar come in a variety of areas used

In fact, there is almost no area in the calendar templates are not needed. starting with educational planning and professional purposes of internal company organization up for private use. Sun calendar are suitable not only for holiday planning and organization of appointments. The templates can be used for various project work, team allocation or assignment plans for meeting rooms. In the private sector there are a variety of applications, one thinks only of the wedding planning or cycle or pregnancy calendar. The templates can therefore used at will and also printed if required and be hanged.

Calendar 2015 Download applications

Calendar 2015 in different versions

The download of calendar 2015 provides the user with a choice of 16 templates. Thus almost every need and every taste is covered. The file is downloaded first as ZIP on the computer and then has to be unpacked accordingly. The individual calendar templates are available in PDF format. The 16 templates are divided in the middle Portrait and Landscape. There are also a selection of different colors, with two designs are used. One half is shown colorful – that is, the individual months vary in color. The second design is monochromatic held in a friendly apricot.

Calendar 2015 Download designs

Moreover, there are Differences in arrangement and division of weeks or months. Some calendars are einblättrig, others split into two or four leaves. The annual calendar templates come in DIN A4 on the computer, but can be scaled and therefore can be brought to other sizes and printed.

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