Privacy: So you can conceal the WhatsApp Status

hide his Whatsapp status to avoid misunderstandings & to protect the privacy. now read & easy hide information!

The Messenger WhatsApp has conquered not only all Android smartphones and iPhones. With friends and chat, exchange voice messages and pictures works thanks to download for iPad WhatsApp also wonderful on Apple tablets. No matter what device is installed on the Messenger and is used, who would not want that personal information visible to others, may in a few steps his Hide WhatsApp Status. This guide shows how to do this.

When it makes sense to hide the WhatsApp Status

The status indicator on WhatsApp are usually three different information price: The photo of the user, when he was here the last time and a personal message that can be entered individually. to make all this information invisible, can be useful for many reasons: Among other things, in order not to have conflicts with friends or partner only arise or simply to protect his privacy. Hide WhatsApp StatusSo you can hide the WhatsApp status. (Picture: WhatsApp Inc./Redaktion)

protect privacy in WhatsApp

First, you can go with the hide online time specification misunderstandings out of the way. For example, you read the message from the chat partner, but the answer still found time. The chat partner must then not ask the question, why does not answer. The beauty is, you can if you want to hide the WhatsApp status, also make sophisticated settings and set it, who can see exactly what. So if you only want certain people should not view the status of which is possible without any problems. Simply the following sequence of steps followed and even the own status to others WhatsApp users has disappeared.

In a few steps to the hidden WhatsApp Status

To make your status invisible to others, not much effort is required. Apart from the installed Messenger on your phone or tablet, no precautions are necessary. That's how it works: 1&# 46; Step: First, the app is opened and clicked top right of the bar, the icon with the three box to open the menu. 2&# 46; Step: In the menu five subcategories appear. Including New Group, New broadcast list, contacts, settings and status. Here, the area is now selected settings. Hide WhatsApp Status settings(Screenshot: WhatsApp Inc./Redaktion)3&# 46; Step: This opens a new window in the back ready various choices. There the user clicks on the Account pane. 4&# 46; Step: Under account a list of sub-items will reappear. Here are tapping the first field of data protection. ** 5&# 46; Step: ** In the Privacy window is displayed as the current setting regarding last online is profile picture and status. The user can now decide for the respective points, who sees what. So work with all three points to choose Anyone My contacts and Nobody. Hide WhatsApp Status Privacy Policy(Screenshot: WhatsApp Inc./Redaktion)So is left to the user whether he allows that all, none or only the contacts can see the status indicators. If necessary, he can just hide the entire WhatsApp status.