The Candy Crush Jackpot - Fake or fact?

The Candy Crush Jackpot – Fake or fact?

What is behind the Candy Crush Jackpot? Fake or fact – now know more about the Daily Booster Wheel, the jackpot, cheats and hacks. Each game has its myths. When Candy Crush it is without Zwiefel of Candy Crush jackpot. Who has not the game, you can download Candy Crush Saga here. This is a free puzzle game of the video game developer King PLC, also known as, which, however, offers on in-app purchases additional features. At this point the Candy Crush jackpot comes in: He on each of the known amount of the game Booster free at one stroke, which are then credited to the virtual account. What’s behind it, whether and how to hit the jackpot – about Candy Crush jackpot cheats or hacks – is described in the following Eden. Candy Crush JackpotThe Candy Crush Jackpot – Fake or fact? (Picture: Ltd./Redaktion) Below the video evidence: The Candy Crush jackpot is not fake!

The facts about the Candy Crush Jackpot

The Daily Booster Wheel, a sort of wheel of fortune, contains eight fields, including those known in the game as well as sweets Candy Crush jackpot. Each player can rotate once a day for free the wheel in order once a day the chance to hit the jackpot. The Jackpot box does not contain as for the other fields of the Daily Booster Wheels only one or two sweets, but a large box of candy, that can be used as a booster in the game. Specifically, the jackpot has three Lollipop Hammer, three Color Bombs, three Jellyfishs, three Free switch’s three Lucky Candy’s and much more, with which you can activate the booster. Depending Candy various actions are possible so that, for example, special trains or the ability to remove a freely elected Candy-piece from the board.

Jackpot is hit and miss – not a fake

Many players report on the net that the Booster Wheel conspicuously often remains in the Jackpot box. Is the Candy Crush jackpot so just a myth or even fake? accessible only to paying customers? Not at all! For not a few users report the opposite! A YouTuber uploaded in channel “Beat That level” its proof video. Over 250,000 views, the clip so far:

As with any gambling so bear part of the game with them. So it can happen that one does not hit the field with the jackpot even after a year. And then two days in a row. A gamble is a gamble is a gamble. Anyway: A Candy Crush jackpot cheat or hack, which allows you to bring the jackpot is not known. Although the somewhat longer have to wait for the jackpot one than the other – as luck would want every player will crack sooner or later it. However, this should not be the ultimate goal when playing Candy Crush Saga. Finally, the telescoping of candy is also fun and you can get the job done with a little patience and practice without jackpot to reach the higher levels.