uninstall Google crash handler

Despite deactivated data transmission, the Google crash handler found in many places twice in the ongoing processes in the task manager. To get rid of the two tasks.

Google crash handler and Google Updater

According to a previous page in the Google Product Forums Google crash handler should not be active during deactivated data transmission. Nevertheless, he finds himself in a 32-bit and 64-bit variant for the active processes in Taskman. Research showed that the two processes are related to Google Update. A recent Google support page on the subject says Google Update can not be uninstalled individually. Reason enough for us to look, a little more closely. Google Chrome usage statistics (not) send screenshotGoogle processes in the Windows 7 Task Manager screenshot

uninstall Google crash handler

Whether one of the two tasks now caused a system crash, or if you just want to determine which processes are running on the system eigenene - here are the instructions of Gogole crash handler to remove. On the web, various instructions for this procedure, which, however, relate mostly to outdated versions found. In our list of installed programs, no single point found Google update, could be the uninstall. Also, switching the two associated Windows services on the Startup Type Manually did not bring the desired result - the services are therefore "manually" launched by another application.

Google Update Services terminate Screenshot1Google Update Services terminate Screenshot2However, success brought switching to the Startup Type disabled. As a small safety measure, we then have renamed the associated executable files - but deleting certainly brings the same effect. The files are located under C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Google \ Update.