The Romme Download brings the popular eponymous Card game Rummy in digital form on the home computer. As you measure his skills here at the virtual game table with a PC opponents, not a human partner is necessary.

Romme Download: The popular card game and on the PC

Rummy is a card game for two to six people, which in this country is played mostly with two parcels French cards to 52 cards, each with three jokers. Altogether, 110 cards in the game. A player's task is to arrange your own sheet sent as possible and combine. Who can lay all the cards first, deemed the winner. Each player initially receives thirteen cards, the dealer fourteen. All remaining cards face down land as a shock or Talon in the middle of the table.

Rummy download

form combinations of at least three cards

The player tries to bring as many combinations of at least three cards into being over the game of cards. This includes Groups of three or four peer cards in different colors, For example, three women and four eights as well as rows of three or more consecutive cards of the same color as spades 10 spades jack, queen of spades and king of spades. Also over the ace of time such rows are allowed, for example, ace of hearts, heart 2, Heart. 3

The Joker replaces any card

The groups and rows can also be by means of Jokers form, wherein A Joker can replace any other card. However, the Joker may not be in the majority. The player must therefore interpret any single card with two wild cards. By contrast, in a series of at least four cards two jokers may occur consecutively.

The scoring of Rummy

To the point values ​​of each card: The face cards King, Queen and Jack are each ten points and the cards two to ten of their eyes. The ace brings eleven points in the standings, in the wake ace-2-3, but only one point. A joker is considered the initial notification than that card that it replaces. In the final account, however, he is one of twenty points. Who is on the train, takes either the open filed by his predecessor card or the top face down card from the deck. After that, he may report cards and stop the train, by discarding any card face up on the floor.

At least 30 points must at Rummy on the table

When first deployed, the player must bring at least 30 points on the table. Who interprets example, Jack of Diamonds, diamonds and diamonds Lady King, has exactly reached this limit. After that there's no points limit for that player and he may invest more to already designed cards matching cards. With a joker he can always replace missing cards in a row or group. If a player has the card, which represents the joker, he can exchange them for the designed Joker. However, this applies only if he has already designed cards themselves. Other card games are available for free download in our software offering.

Select the number of cards and background color

Per option it is defined at Rummy if can be designed from 30 or 40 points. In addition, the players here affects the number of cards that are dealt to each player at the start of the match. The background color of the gaming table it is defined at Rummy according to his own taste.

Romme Download Options

Fun for the quick Rummy game in between The card game Rummy has only a simple graphics and invents his genre certainly not new. Of the Rummy download but offers at least one sufficient fun for a quick game between.

Limitations of Romme

In the trial, the last card can not be interpreted.