Update TomTom: map update for TomTom navigation systems

Update TomTom: map update for TomTom navigation systems

who update TomTom wants, needs to know what TomTom program he needs to bring his device to the latest version before. We show below that TomTom Navi must be renewed with which software. Decisive for your own TomTom update is whether it is car-navigation devices, built-in car navigation systems, a truck navigation or motorcycle navigation. To this end, below to learn more about TomTom update!

Update TomTom: install updates on the navigation

TomTom provides (former name: MyTomTom) with the MyDrive Connect downloading and TomTom HOME download two different management programs for TomTom update available. One of these two freeware tools, respectively – depending on the device – needed to update its own navigation device with TomTom update. However, the driver has not a free choice, which he used. Rather, he must find and install the right one for your own device software. Since this is a bit confusing at the large number of TomTom navigation devices, we provide in this guide is a list of equipment with the indication of the associated updating and management software.

update TomTomThe TomTom update works depending on the device with MyDrive Connect or TomTom HOME. (Picture: TomTom / Editorial)

The majority of older Navis uses TomTom Home for updating

MyDrive Connect supports motorists in the management of content and services on their own navigation device and update the TomTom. Similar services does TomTom HOME, which establishes a connection between the navigation device and the PC as a standalone program. In the car navigation, the majority uses mainly the older Navis continues to TomTom Home for the update. But there are now many devices where for TomTom update the successor MyDrive Connect is required. It is easier to position in the truck navigation. This relies exclusively on MyDrive Connect, whereas the motorcycle navigator is again a domain of TomTom Home.

  Aggiornamento TomTom: aggiornamento mappe per sistemi di navigazione TomTom

Car navigation devices (MyDrive Connect)

  • GO 40, 50 GO, GO 51, 60 GO, GO 61, GO 400, 500 GO, GO 600, 510 GO, GO 610, GO 5000, GO 6000, 5100 GO, GO 6100
  • GO LIVE Camper & Caravan
  • GO LIVE Top Gear edition
  • Model GO 800: GO LIVE 820 and GO LIVE 825
  • GO Series 1000: GO LIVE 1000, GO 1000, GO LIVE 1015 and GO 1015
  • Model Via: Via 110, Via 120, Via LIVE 120, Via LIVE 125, Via 130 and via 135
  • Start 60 Start 60 (2012)
  • Series Start 20: Start 20 and Start 25

TomTom update NaviThe car navigation devices from TomTom are very popular. (Picture: TomTom)

Car navigation devices (TomTom HOME)

  • GO x50 series: GO 950 LIVE, GO 950, GO 750 LIVE, GO 750, GO 550 LIVE and GO 550
  • GO x40 series: GO 940 LIVE, GO 940, GO 740 LIVE, GO 740 and GO 540 LIVE
  • GO x30 series: GO 930, GO 730, GO 630 and GO 530
  • GO x20 series: GO 920, GO 720 and GO 520
  • GO x10 series: GO 910, GO 710 and GO 510
  • GO x00 series (2005): GO 700, GO 500 and GO 300
  • GO
  • XXL Series: XXL Classic and XXL IQ Routes
  • Model XL: XL Classic, XL LIVE IQ Routes, XL IQ Routes and XL IQ Routes²
  • Series Start: Classic, Start, Start²
  • Model ONE: ONE XL, ONE IQ Routes, ONE 30 Series, ONE 3rd Edition, ONE 2nd Edition and ONE 1st Edition

Integrated car navigation systems (MyDrive Connect)

  • Blue Series&Me TomTom 2: Blue&Me TomTom 2 LIVE and Blue&Me TomTom 2
  • Series Sony XNV: Sony XNV-660BT, Sony XNV-770BT, Sony XNV-L66BT and Sony XNV-L77BT
  • TomTom Connect
  Mise à jour TomTom: mise à jour de carte pour les systèmes de navigation TomTom

TomTom update integrated NavisParticularly convenient are integrated car navigation systems. (Picture: TomTom)

Integrated car navigation systems (TomTom HOME)

  • Carminat model: Carminat TomTom, Carminat TomTom LIVE and Carminat LIVE Z.E
  • Blue&me TomTom
  • Lexus CT MoveOn Navi
  • Mazda Navigation: Mazda Navigation (NVA-SD8110) (LIVE) and Mazda Navigation System NB1
  • Toyota Aygo Connect Multimedia
  • Model TomTom TOYOTA: TOYOTA TNS 410, TOYOTA TNS 400 and TomTom TOYOTA (PND Audio)
  • TomTom GO I90
  • Subaru – H001SSC800
  • UConnect 5" radio Nav

Truck Navigation (MyDrive Connect)

  • Pro Series: Trucker 6000

Motorcycle Navigation (MyDrive Connect)

  • Rider 400, Rider 40

TomTom Rider UpdateTomTom Motorcycle Navigation from the Rider series. (Picture: TomTom)

Motorcycle navigation (TomTom HOME)

  • Rider (2013)
  • Rider Pro
  • Urban Rider
  • Rider 2nd Edition
  • Rider