With the Gartenplaner Download can be designed on white graph paper of their own desire garden. In this way sizable garden plans for the ornamental garden, which can also be printed arise.

Gartenplaner download available for the garden design in the web browser

The garden planner is clicking together for click designs for open spaces on the PC screen. From the flower pot over curbs to the flooring of the future garden created in the favorite browser. A prerequisite for use of the garden planner is simply a Web browser. The garden planner gives the user a free hand in drawing the plan. From an extensive object library is selected after completion of application of the property of the desired elements in his garden.

Gartenplaner DownloadGartenplaner download for individual garden design in the browser (Picture: editorial)

Vegetables, flowers and trees

Here are all the ingredients of buildings over ponds and furniture to vegetables, flowers and trees more or less willing to just needs a PC gardener for his work that way. Finished designs brings Gartenplaner either on paper or prints out as an image file in JPEG format. Those who want to save them for later revision, uses the Windows or Mac version of the same manufacturer.