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The allowance program promises to workers in the construction industry work much easier when Creating and editing the measurement sheets. doing the work on the demo as an extension of Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet, which according to the manufacturer at least Excel 2003 or higher is required.

Allowance program download: Excel extension for the construction industry

Up to which Excel version of this "higher" enough is questionable, because in the test, the software showed not compatible with the latest version Excel 2013. In addition, the plug-in is according to the supplier not for 64-bit versions the Office component. But who is working with an older version of Excel, and on 32-bit, which the allowance program will actually do some work on how to do so more programs for construction and crafts that can be found in our software catalog.

Import function for existing data

Thus, for the Gathering the measurement sheets already, not even manual typing absolutely necessary, because the allowance program download import existing data provided that these file format DA11 available. Further, if power directory and / or room list exist, the helper for the construction industry also takes appropriate positions or spaces in the Measurement sheet.

excel Enhancements created measurement sheets

Test function for manually entered data

Plotting the results of his oversize work but even one that allowance program takes a keen eye to the relevant information. a typo creeps one such as a transposed digits, the Excel plug outputs accordingly. Also produces the Allowance program matching templates for new measurement sheets with a single click. the relevant Data such Aufma├čnummer, construction projects and contractors are thereby automatically entered if the new sheet is generated within an ongoing project.

Print function outputs blank measurement sheets

comes in handy for users associated with manual entries collected data that the Allowance program blank measurement sheets prints with pre-registered locations and spaces. These can then easily complete later on the construction site with the measurement results.

Control function for built-up materials and costs

The data collected and imported utilizes allowance program as Basis for evaluations and inspections. Either Costs as well as built-up materials can be directly checked in the program, and various individual items can be filtered. The same has the wizard the way for the Chief Accountant , which can be done with it also.

Data output by printers or export in accordance with industry standards

The allowances or measurement sheets can finally spend in various ways from the allowance program. Optionally, the Excel extension brings the data with or without computational approaches to paper or export them for sharing electronically. For this purpose uses the Excel plug the Industry standards DA11, DA12 or DA11E, and in accordance with the Guidelines REB 23.003 in 1979, 23.003 REB task in 2009 or after GAEB 23004 - in the case of DA12 export.

Limitations of allowance program

Generated data can be used only with the full version.

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