Anyone who uses a prepaid rate, should keep his balance in mind. learn here what options you have to be deposits with charging and to weiterquasseln!

The Mobilfunkdiscounter offers both prepaid different offers and tariffs with contract obligations. Both versions can be easily managed with the download of the blue app and controlled. Those who opt for the prepaid version, but sooner or later charge his credit. For this, the mobile operator offers a range of options.

charging Blau.deAirtime at - manually or automatically

Airtime at automatic vs. manually fundamentally different between the manual and automatic charging. Who charges always manually keeps the cost is always at a glance. However, the automatic charging has the advantage that thus has no more effort. What you choose, each itself is up - especially since you can change the settings at any time and sleep comfortably again.

Airtime at manually

One way to arrive at a new balance, the manual recharging. Fortunately, works out in a few steps. In addition, the booked value is within a few minutes (usually at the latest after a quarter of an hour) are available. This is possible to manual charging in three ways:

1. credit top up with Aufladekarten:

The Aufladekarten are available in various shops, gas stations or in O2 stores. The user can move between the values: choose 15, 25 and 30 euros. The vouchers include a multi-digit code that you can redeem these four options for free:

  • via App
  • In the online sector
  • About the smart phone speed dial: 1158
  • SMS with the code to the 23000 charge onlineIn the Account area, the credit online recharge

2. Charging via app or online sector:

Moreover, the user can charge on the blue app or the online customer deposits at his with a few clicks. This requires that a bank or credit card is deposited in the account area. The amount can be determined freely. Who has the caller ID function enabled can cause a direct charge on the speed dial 1158th

Restriction: The credit can not exceed the value of 200 euros.

3. Transfer and ATM:

A third, but less practical option is to charge via bank transfer to the account. Until the money but then is there, it takes about 5 days - a faster access remains so left unattended.

These are the account details:

  • Receiver: blue portable radio GmbH
  • Account number: 1590900
  • BLZ: 47840065
  • IBAN: DE96 4784 0065 0159 0900 00
  • Bank: Commerzbank Guetersloh
  • Usage: Specify number

Automatic charging at

is much more comfortable on the other hand, if you no longer have to worry about that one possesses assets. So customers can recharge the balance at automatically. The decor is carried out on the account online once. automatically bootIn the Account area, the automatic charging can be setThese two options are available:

  • a) It determines any value that must not be exceeded, and the balance will be topped up automatically.
  • b) The user may determine that a particular value on a monthly basis (always to be transferred to the account of the first of the month).

Whether a Allnet Flat offered worth, the following clip tries to brighten: