FONIC Forgot your data? So sign up anyway!

FONIC Forgot your data? So sign up anyway!

FONIC Login: There are quick help for those who have forgotten their login information and still charge their credit or want to change the tariff fast!

With the FONIC User account all relevant options of the contract can easily manage. The account not only offers the ability to recharge the credit or to change the tariff, but to also define a new address or bank account. If you book on flat rates can be consumed minutes or SMS retrieve and so control costs. In case of loss or theft of smartphones also the SIM card can be quickly and easily lock and prevent access by others. Users of the service provider at need to do either on the website of provider or by downloading the app FONIC Login through the smartphone or tablet – as long as they know their credentials.

FONIC Forgot your data, the application works anyway

If the FONIC login does not work at once, this is not the end. As long as you know your own number, you can be reset his password at any time. The steps are either on the site or opens the app on the phone. In both options, there is the possibility to assign new login information. Alternatively, this can happen via SMS or email.

FONIC LoginFONIC login to the website.

reset the password

For the FONIC login, only the mobile number and the password are required. If you have forgotten your password, just type the link: I have forgotten my password access. Following a window in the next to the phone number, the transmission type (SMS or email) must be specified opens. In addition, a Captcha code must be entered. CAPTCHAs are used to determine whether human or machine makes the entries. To set a new password FONIC, an image with a five-digit security code appears as a captcha. Were filled in all fields, obtained by clicking on password send an e-mail or SMS.

set a new password

By entering the password sent to the old reset. Following a new password can be assigned.

If all else fails and fails resetting the password, you can contact the service hotline. This is a FONIC port under the 88800 and from all other networks under 040348585320 reachable. However, a call will cost 60 cents. To ensure quick processing, you should give them the address and date of birth for identification. The service number is available Monday through Friday 8:00 to 20:00 and on Saturdays 9:00 to 17:30.