McAfee AntiVirus Plus

Of the McAfee Antivirus Download protects the computer from threats while surfing and e-mail communications. The integrated firewall controls the connections and keeps hackers from being accessed from. But optimizing Windows assumes the all-in-one suite.

McAfee Antivirus Download for protection against viruses and malware

Using the simple user interface you reach the virus and spyware protection, surfing and e-mail control, privacy tools, home network configuration and PC optimization. McAfee AntiVirus Plus keeps even while browsing the lookout for dangerous websites that want to foist the user malicious code. The antivirus module contains a scanner that time controlled or checked at your fingertips all the hard drives of the computer and a virus guard who controls all file accesses in the background and to stop viruses before the infection.

McAfee Antivirus Download

recognize, isolate and block Trojans and viruses

McAfee AntiVirus Plus download provides a reliable malware protection from Trojans, viruses, spyware, rootkits and other threats. These can be identified, isolate and block to prevent damage to its own system, the Active Protection technology identifies new viruses are still available for which signatures as an antidote, and blocks them from. The anti-virus software has a clear surface, and easy handling.

The WiFi protection blocks suspicious connections

In the plus version of McAfee's antivirus monitor is also a WiFi protection on board. This provides the two-way firewall system for monitoring and blocking at the joining with suspicious servers is investigated of the incoming and outgoing network traffic. On the network map, the user gets a good look at the configuration of all connected PCs and devices. In this way, security-related problems can be solved.

securely delete data with the shredder

Additional data protection and PC optimization tools to identify software that should be updated with a vulnerability scanner. The McAfee Shredder also deletes sensitive files securely.

McAfee antivirus download Quick Clean

McAfee AntiVirus Plus protects against attackers and hackers

the complete range of McAfee AntiVirus Plus is rounded off by the PC Optimization Quick Clean: It deletes unnecessary files and makes the PC faster. For more speed also ensures the defragmentation. New on board also is a regulator for the Internet use by the young. Furthermore, the current version of the virus Guardian promises improved protection against attackers who want to integrate the computer into botnets. Many other virus scanners are available in our software catalog for free download.

Limitations of McAfee AntiVirus Plus

30 day trial; Free registration required from the manufacturer