Demand: Can you show on Facebook profile visits?

"Who was on my Facebook profile?" That's an interesting question asked by many users who often interact with others on the social network. But can you Facebook Profile Visitors to let? Suffice it to say: The social network itself does not offer this feature. Some more or less useful tricks there. In most cases, however, caution is required - both on the website and in the Facebook App!

Facebook Profile VisitorsYou can view the Facebook profile visitors, although the network does not offer the feature? This question many users. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

Facebook profile visitors about an app?

Visitors on your own Facebook page so interested somehow. Business used networks such as Xing and LinkedIn offer the function and then at StudiVZ had them too. Only the network with the blue "F" are nowhere - because the development team from the house Zuckerberg has not incorporated this feature. And it will probably remain so in the future, alone for privacy.

If you want a little googling will be but surely encountered in one way or another app that promises to list the last visitors on your own Facebook page. And who has already tried and charged such a tool, this probably have uninstalled quickly frustrated. Because these programs are usually about fun apps.

Facebook itself offers the possibility to list the last profile who, as I said not at all, and it would be difficult for app developers just yet out, thus bypassing the Facebook guidelines.

Such apps usually show just indiscriminately to friends. Who several times tried the "test", the soon discover. This can be quite funny. Annoying, but it is when you actually thought the thing works, and money has enjoyed it - because some developers prepared to pay their fun app quite a bit. So: Hands off before dubious paid services!

Facebook profile who's stalkingStalking only works unilaterally on Facebook: Visitors to your profile you can not view you. but sees no one with whom you hang around you like this. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

Be careful with plugins or Facebook Links

Besides apps for the smartphone, there are also a number of browser plug-ins that promise to display Facebook profile visits. But again: Since Facebook does not offer even this function, which can not change any plug-ins from third-party developers.

Much worse: Maybe your invites you to install such strange offers even malicious software on your device or your login information enter the finger from hackers. So also here: Watch out!

Even Facebook tools that promise you the function, like most tap your logon token. So rather not click because once you give on this token, those who receive it, post in your name. Even without that you can do something about it.

Trick 17: The Stories feature

Although no exact look at who has visited your profile, but possibly an indication there may Facebooks Stories feature. Who creates a story that can in fact see who this has already viewed. And possibly go exactly these people then also on the profile to be there still look a little.

Granted, this is more conjecture than anything else. But an indication it could be. For whoever Your Stories looks at regularly appears to harbor at least more interest for you.

There is also the chance to find out the source of the page, with whom you have recently chatted. But can you also easily chat to see - or you know it even more. therefore the lookup is actually interesting - display the Facebook profile who you can not you like that. Should there be a change at some point in the future, you can learn it here with us: Facebook update: What's new in the social media world?

Otherwise: When in doubt, simply dig deeper times. So the question is "Who was on my Facebook profile?" answered with the utmost security - provided your friends are honest!