The Stronghold Collection

Of the Stronghold Download placed players in the world of kings, knights, squires and damsels. In a full-blown strategy game world, players either take care of construction and economy or to battles and campaigns against rival kingdoms.

Stronghold Download as medieval real-time strategy

Brick by brick, the castle will be ready soon. In the Middle Ages all sorts of economic, political and military issues were already on the agenda of the country's leadership. Inclined Fans of the digital medieval decide as already mentioned the strategy game, whether the course should rather be economic or military nature. So are attack and defense, but also for example the extension of the lands, feasts and much more on the agenda.

In the download area to demo versions of each part of the Stronghold series found. Alternatively attacks equal to the complete package and gets for not even ten euros Stronghold, Stronghold 2, Stronghold Legends Stronghold Crusader Extreme licensed home. For friends of strategic simulations of past times for a real treat with a long game. The same goes for the free-to-play offshoot Stronghold Kingdoms.

Stronghold Download