Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini GT-I8190 user manual

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini GT-I8190 user manual

With the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini Manual is a complete guide for the little brother of the Galaxy S3 to the computer. Without chaotic bits of paper represents the digital manual all the necessary information to the mobile phone and to indicate what the mini has everything on the box.

get to know his device with the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini Manual

Samsung experienced users or savvy smartphone users turn on the device and get going. What they do not know they explore on your own – even if it sometimes takes a little longer in this way. But not every user is an explorer-type and today’s smartphones are real function rounder. Phoning, photography, surfing, listening to music, chatting in one – as it has software difficult to keep up other free leisure. Who is an overview of the extensive features of the S3 minis give and want to know instructional explanations black, get with the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini guide the perfect helper at hand. The instructions combines all the facts surrounding the Galaxy S3 mini in a PDF. On 114 pages, users receive instructions for getting started, basic facts, insight into all the features for communication, Internet, media, etc., as well as a section on troubleshooting.

Samsung Galaxy S3 mini Manual

The structure and content of the manual for the S3 mini

The manual is very clear, structured by different chapters and you need to know all the Galaxy S3 Mini using graphical means. For a first overview of the topics the manual has a table of contents just behind the opening words to the book itself. This means that users navigate efficiently and can also search specifically for a subject without having to scroll through the 114 pages. As can be seen the table of contents, there is a manual of the following sections:

  • First steps: First, the user gets an overview of the structure of the device and instructions on first steps to activate the device and make basic settings.
  • General information: In the chapter assistance, among others, to the touch screen, for data transmission as well as for use of applications to be delivered. The user will also receive an overview of all the S3 mini emerging symbols.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Manual Symbols

  • Communication:The manual provides an overview of all means of communication – from telephony via e-mail to messengers.
  • Internet & Network: Explanations for how to enter the Internet, work on the net surfing and how Bluetooth.
  • Media: Here all integrated media like MP3 player, camera and radio function and their use are presented.
  • Application and media stores: The main stores and applications are discussed.
  • Utilities: The handling of the pre-installed programs such as calculator, clock, or voice search is explained.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Manual Utilities

  • To travel & local: Here you can access information as he can use to calculate a route, such sites can be found and how to use navigation.
  • settings: In this chapter, all settings are discussed: From WLAN via the display and security options the way to adjust the date and language.
  • Troubleshooting: In the last paragraph suggests solutions to common problems are summarized.

User-friendly manual for Galaxy smartphone

The notes are written understandable and most topics are verbildlicht for easy understanding with graphical representations. The facts are also not treated too sprawling and too short. At first glance, no topics are missing. Particularly pleasing is the convenient handling of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Guide: From the table of contents you can click any section – saves the hassle of scrolling and many nerves. acquire professional knowledge for the Galaxy S3 mini Who the free handbook on the Smartphone downloads themselves, then busy can claim in connection with good reason, a Samsung Galaxy S3 to be mini-expert. It is user-friendly way and answered all the questions that you can have mini to S3.