Third-party lock AldiTalk: the AUS for subscription traps!

thanks to the Third-party lock AldiTalk belong to expensive subscriptions and high phone costs the past. learn how Aldi Talk customers protect themselves from unscrupulous sellers!

The lock can be set up only via calling the hotline or email for Aldi Talk customers however. Unlike other mobile operators, there is neither the possibility that, left to do after downloading the ALDI TALK app mobile on the site.

Setting up third-party lock AldiTalk

In that event, the third-party service providers that offer services that are billed by the telephone company. These very different products can include, for example, streaming services, various apps with the appropriate add-on options, information services or everyday things like parking tickets or postage. Many of these functions are highly practical and simplify everyday life immensely. However, there are black sheep among the vendors who foist users with lousy mesh subscriptions. Since there are then suggestive images or nonsensical Apps for a fixed monthly price useless ringtones. The procedure is so bold that most users only notice when looking at the phone bill that they have ever booked this service. The third lock prevents such cost trap in advance and we requested this:

Third-party lock AldiTalkThe third barrier AldiTalk protects against cost traps in the mobile phone bill.

1. About the Service Hotline

To enable third-party lock Aldi Talk, just one phone call at the number: 0177-177 1157 (or the speed dial 1157 from their own network). There from Monday to Friday 7:00 to 23:00 and on Saturdays & Sunday 10:00 to 18:00 help. For identification on the phone customer should keep their mobile phone number and your PUK or alternatively their online password ready. The activation of the lock usually takes 48 hours, and is again confirmed by the provider.

2. Via e-mail to customer service

Those who do not want to bother with the queue of the telephone hotline, an email can be sent to the customer. The address for this is: [email protected] In the e-mail contact information as well as the mobile phone number only must be indicated and an informal application to set up the third-party lock AldiTalk provided. Alternatively, this also works via contact form.

Are through the barrier also booked subscriptions lapse?

No! Unfortunately, the third lock only works for future subscriptions and purchases. If you have already booked a service or is involuntarily fallen into a subscription trap, must be canceled or terminated the relevant provider. Should not be reflected on the phone bill, only the direct demand helps Aldi Talk. are here also optional service hotline (see 1) or request via e-mail (see 2) are available.

The video of the firm WILD BEUGER SOLMECKE illuminated once again the issue of subscription traps and provides tips on how victims can defend most skill: