Spider Solitaire

The popular card game Solitaire provides with its eight-legged crawling variant for optical humor. After this Spider Solitaire Download to be formed as usual rows of cards and then removed piece by piece. This simple Adobe Air game so based on the known solitaire variation Spider.

Spider Solitaire Download follows old gameplay

Early in the game the player gets first ten deck. On each of these stack, the first card is exposed, respectively. The aim now is to bring these cards in the correct order. That is, the cards must be arranged starting from the Ass then the series of numbers through to the king. If the user has done this, he is already a few cards go, for this complete set of cards is removed from the game.

Spider Solitaire DownloadSpider Solitaire Download as tricky solitaire card game in spider look (Image: Novel Games / Editorial)

So you move the card optimally

The Spider-game allows or even to move several cards from one to the other stack the player. It is only important that you always observe the descending order. Could a column are entirely emptied, one must push any card on the free space. Is particularly promising course the last card of the series - to put - so the king.

defeat the Spider Solitaire alone

Spider Solitaire is a single player game in which you stay on its own. It is therefore perfect as a distraction in between suitable. For example, for lunch or coming down in the evening. If you want to compete with other players, you should rather look other card games like poker and gamble.

Victory and defeat in the single-player card game

The player has lost the battle against the Spider Solitaire, if he can make no more train, but still cards on the table are. In this case the player can lay a new complete, horizontal row by clicking on the cards in the bottom right corner.The challenge of Spider Solitaire Download is to use as few moves as possible for stacking the cards. With each completed card row points to climb to the top. In contrast, the players will be deducted again ten points with every train. For the most skilled Spider Player is a leaderboard available. Who wants to present a high score in addition to his friends or the competition, can share the results via social media channels or send by e-mail.

Spider Solitaire Download Social MediaShare game results via Facebook or Twitter (Image: Novel Games / Editorial)

Easy installation and handling

The card game is based on the runtime Adobe AIR, which is the only prerequisite for the free download of Spider Solitaire. However, the application is not a hurdle, because it is automatically downloaded when you install the game. The entire game is controlled with the mouse and play in a separate window.

Decent graphics with jazz sound

Certainly one can expect no special effects and unexpected fireworks blast in a game like the Spider Solitaire. But the graphics comes out clean, therefore, it is well designed and easy fun. Provided, of course, you do not have arachnophobia - then it is better to try a classic version of Solitaire.

The game is also accompanied with a pleasant jazz music of drums, bass and keyboards. Since this is, however, played as a continuous loop, it goes a few minutes but slowly on the nerves. Fortunately, the player the music and the crunch may leave when moving the cards.

Editor's Rating

Spider Solitaire Download Editor's Rating