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The text program CAD-KAS comes as a lightweight alternative to Microsoft Word or his OpenOffice Writer equivalent to the computer. Text editing provides scribblers both a spell checker and a direct PDF export, must therefore behind the big brothers in these points not hide.

Text program for download as an alternative to the major office suites

In addition, the word processor graphics of different formats freely positioned in the documents and formats the text depending on gusto of the user. Both the color and the size and font of written content, the user fits so on to his needs. On Importing documents in Word and RTF format is no problem. For saving the document is ready for the text program Download the native file format WOC. This is not supported by other word processors.

Spell checking and hyphenation are included

Spell checking and automatic hyphenation are on board. The current document language in this case set between German and English and turn automatic hyphenation on and off button become. Hyphenation proves particularly useful when newspaper columns. From the spell checker unrecognized words are displayed in red underlined in the automatic test.

Text Program Download

Common character and paragraph formatting are on board

The usual character formatting and paragraph formatting, the writer applied to the selected text, and so Select the font and font color or highlights for headings such as bold, italic, or underline free. The paragraph formatting, however, lay among others whether the text appears left-aligned, centered or determine the number of newspaper columns.

The text program offers an integrated TWAIN interface for scanners

The documents can add new form fields. About Extras / Form dialog the user can fill arranged in tabular form fields. Useful is also the possibility, record information about the document, For example, information about who created the document and what title this has. is informative statistics with the number of words and other data. Rounding out the Text Program Download by an integrated TWAIN interface for standard desktop scanner. Without going through external software papery templates land as in digital form in the documents of the user. Other word processors are available in our software catalog for free download.

Text program download lists

The key program Overview:* Import of DOC and RTF files* PDF export* Spell checking and hyphenation in German and English* tables* Newspaper Columns* Insert images in common formats* Scanner Support* Freely positionable text fields* Headers and footers, footnotes* Print Merge* Form fields and dialogue to fillWord processing in the basic equipment The text program sees itself as a lean alternative to expensive and space-eating office suites. Instead of acting cluttered and confusing, it offers the basic functions of a word processor. Of course, the claim can not be raised to keep up with Word or OpenOffice Writer on all points.

Limitations of text program

In the trial, the Save function is disabled.