Those who can not decide between farmers and urban developers, best advised to free Township app. The building game combines both areas and even suspend trade in distant lands and islands, a mine, a zoo, famous landmarks and much more on top of it.

It all starts in the Township app with a small town

As usual with other building games such as Farmville or SimCity BuildIt, the user first has of course the sleeves to tackle up your sleeves and neat, to preserve the great gimmicks for his kingdom. the gamer is greeted first with an unnamed small town in which 70 people live and some basic service already exists. If a name is found, it can with the growth of its world – talk to the building of houses and crops – already go. If you have plenty stamina is a colorful kingdom can conjure.

Township appTownship app – for those who can not decide between urban development and farming itself

Long delays in the construction simulation

To get there since, but it takes a whole while. Here, the point comes to fruition, that it is in the Township Android application is a freemium model. Either you take a lot of patience for the waiting time with or you annoying all his friends and recruited them in order to obtain cash. The third option is the in-app purchase with real money – here but you should make sure that you do not accepts. The products cost up to nearly one hundred euro.

Township Android: Industrial without heart

looking through the waiting periods of time, the game has also a couple of trends that could one or the other bitter belching. But the choice of the app name is a bit unfortunate. Finally, as well as the slums in South Africa is called during apartheid.

But more striking is the industrial charm of the game, to put it kindly. Factory farming is operated strictly speaking here. The cows are milked by machine and are close together in too small stables. This image is visible throughout all areas. It lacks clear on attention to detail and country-idyll. Especially since one can not zoom in very far to look at the animals so close. City children feel here probably but very comfortable.

Township app ZooVersatile building ideas, such as the zoo

Various possibilities for extension

Nevertheless, the Township offers app for gamers, the power and dominion over a world aspire mad many ways. For example, the crop can be processed in factories on products and then exported. You can build several leisure options in the city – the choices range from cafes and restaurants to a zoo. There is also a mine, where you break down ore and may find valuable artifacts. So if patience or brings real money can experience here a lot and build.