Command & Conquer Red Alert

Command & Conquer Red Alert

Command & Conquer Red Alert offers over 40 exciting missions, where you pretty much everything can be so controlled by the foot soldiers to bomb throwing Zeppelin.

12 years after the release of a free Command & Conquer Red Alert Download

In the mid-90’s the second part of C appeared&C; Red Alert series. It was not until the 13th anniversary of the debut and launch of the third part Tiberian Sun puts the game manufacturer EA the free Command & Conquer Red Alert Download out. A skilful action, the hype continues to heat the strategy game. Red Alert, as the second part is titled in the original, while bringing the from the debut familiar gameplay with – sets in However, completely new action at. Red Alert accordingly forms with its successors Red Alert 2 and 3 as well as the add-on “counter-attack” and “retaliation” a stand-alone game Cosmos.

Command & amp; Conquer Red Alert Download

Independent action: fight the Allies against Soviets

Notwithstanding the preceding action in “Tiberium conflict”, the story is based entirely independently of Part 2. In a fictional universe are – contrary to what happened in reality – Allies and the Soviet Union compared to the second World War. Both sides are fighting a fierce battle, the course and outcome is in the stars. One thing is certain: Only one can win. Despite new, independent action gets the user with the download of Command & Conquer Red Alert at least the old game principle. Similar to the Tiberium pioneer the player must chase up raw materials in order to secure energy supply. However, anyone who wants to build soil, air and water units also requires the wherewithal. Here especially the strategy skill of the players is needed. When is it worth to finance, for example, reduce resources or explain by spies money when opponents. The requirements for the gamers are, as befits a decent strategy game, from level to level higher and higher.

New game elements and special features of Red Alert

The troops of the Allies and Soviets are characterized by very different types of armor. Does one side of powerful vehicles, the other party has in turn very fast means of transportation. Next new game components, such as air and naval unit the hot desert scene was exchanged for the winter landscape. New addition is the Use of many futuristic weapons of war and weapons. The Unverwundbarkeitsschirm on the part of the Soviets, teleportation devices, nuclear weapons or floating island fortresses are just a few.

Command & amp; Conquer Red Alert Download missions

Note: The marketed in Germany version differs in some respects from the original by the way. Not only that are cut some scenes and sequences or disappeared. Many of the soldiers shown in the original version were changed from Child Protection Laws in robot-like figures.

In the nineties, a pioneer – now a classic of the game world

When the game in 1996 came on the market, games critics were unanimous: Praised to the skies, it was partly admired even as a game, is superior to the Warcraft. Surely now much more modern strategy games conquer the game industry – yet Red Alert is still celebrated as a classic real gamers.

Please note: In the download area can be found two CDs, both of which are necessary for installation.

A tip for fans of the series: Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances is free to play and browser!