Huawei P9 manual

Huawei P9 manual

The Huawei P9 manual presented on 172 pages all the details and features of the top smartphone of the Chinese telecommunications equipment supplier. Apps, settings and features are described in detail here and vividly. The Huawei P9 user manual also contains numerous tips and tricks for optimal use and helpful advice with problems.

Huawei P9 Manual for the three models P9 P9 P9 Plus Lite

The popular Chinese precious smartphone Huawei P9 has a 5.2 inch display, 32GB of internal memory and Android 6.0 as delivered. For sharp photos and videos, the 12 MP Leica provides dual camera. Inside the housing, a smart aluminum octa-core Kirin werkelt processor. Other attractive features include the optimized fingerprint sensor to record video in Full HD resolution and support for WiFi Direct, Bluetooth and NFC. As with the new iPhone models, the display of Huawei differs P9 Plus between several levels of pressure which can therefore perform different functions.

Huawei P9 manualHuawei P9 Manual for the three models P9 P9 P9 Plus Lite

Huawei P9 P9 Lite and Plus as additional variants

With Huawei P9 P9 Lite and Plus two additional versions of the new top model P9 are available from the standard version of the Huawei differs P9 Plus with a larger 5.5-inch AMOLED display with PressTouch, 4 gigabytes of RAM and an extended 64 memory. The Huawei P9 Lite, which has only a plastic housing and slightly lower specifications, but advertises a good price-performance ratio to shoppers and is also available as a dual SIM phone. The permanently installed battery can be recharged afloat thanks to quick-charge function in all three models.

Huawei P9 Plus manual with 181 pages

The construction of the three Huawei P9 devices is similar. As expected, the Huawei P9 manual with 157 pages, the shortest, whereas Huawei P9 Plus manual on proud 181 pages provides an excellent introduction to all features of the flagship model of the House of Huawei. Let’s go in the first chapter with exciting new features, unpacking the phone, transfer data, First time use and initial setup, installing apps and Getting Started. Other chapters receiving tips and tricks, calls and contacts, messages and e-mails as well as camera and gallery.

Huawei P9 manual tipsHuawei P9 manual with tips and tricks to use.

Notes with Troubleshooting

The proud owner of Huawei P9 learn everything you need to know about music and video, access the Internet, file management, power management and phone manager. Detail describes the tools: Calendar, Clock, Weather, notepad, calculator, sound recordings and mirrors. It continues with the settings and the operating assistance functions. The appendix is ​​dedicated to the topics Getting Help, Personal Information and Data Security, and finally provides a list of security features. Other manuals and programs for telecommunications contains our well-stocked download catalog.