Excel roster

Excel roster

In fact, the download of the Excel roster holds even more than his name first promises. In addition to planning of layers, the Excel workbook also takes care of the time recording and evaluation.

In no time create shift plans with the Excel roster Download

The Office Template for creating rosters comes right in three different versions on the computer. Whereby the templates in particular by the number of detectable employees differ. Is the Excel roster Download carried out, it can actually start immediately. In the trial, the template is fully functional. The only restriction is that plans can be created for only four employees. In the full version from 20 to 30 employees can be taken into account – depending on which edition you work. But to try or for small businesses, the trial is a good start. Generally coming templates such as these and other software to capture working in industries such as the elderly or nursing, in theaters or in companies with layer systems are used.

Excel roster Download

Excel roster brings useful functions

The template is designed so that at first light green shaded fields can be filled with data. These are the so-called master data. This includes entering the operation of the department, working hours and break regulations. In the Excel template as initial data, so when the first working day was, or opening balances are recorded. If everything is entered correctly, the Excel roster is capable of providing compulsory Rest of the staff, which also breaks between shared services considered be, into account. About the work year round netted the shareware to be paid also and actually worked hours to give HR managers also the Overview of target and actual to keep. This means that the recruiter has always insight into the number of overtime hours of employees, as well as on absenteeism. In addition, you immediately see at a glance who like many night shifts and in which areas, in the elderly, for example, on which station worked. Because the Excel roster Download furthermore receives master data working hours and staff and stores, they can be accessed again and again. This also means that information must be entered only once. Of course, this saves time.

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Excel roster Download Master Data

Advantages of working time recording with the full version

As mentioned, the full version is basically the same range of features around the corner. The biggest difference is actually in the number of employees that can be taken into account with the paid version. For personnel from 20 to 30 employees is not only regular rosters together, but can also distribute employees to different jobs. In this way, the planner will be able, in addition to match the actual and desired levels of crew per task.

Limitations of Excel roster

The trial version is limited to four employees.