Samsung Galaxy S6 Operating Manual

Samsung Galaxy S6 Operating Manual

Of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Manual Download reveals everything worth knowing about the popular smartphone models from Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S6 manual is available in German as a PDF file on 141 pages.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Operating Manual download as a counselor for problems and errors

The S6 manual is no longer available in the original packaging of the smartphone, but only quick instructions as so-called Quick Start Guide. Therefore, the user should the detailed Samsung Galaxy S6 load manual and print to be fully informed about all the details of its new high-end smartphones. The only way to find all the hidden features and setup options and operation problems and errors get to the bottom.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Manual DownloadThe Samsung Galaxy S6 Manual Download reveals on 141 pages everything to know about high-end smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S6 with fixed verbautem battery and memory

The Samsung Galaxy S6 was introduced simultaneously with the Galaxy S6 Edge as the successor of Samsung Galaxy S5 from the popular Galaxy series on March 1, 2015. The official launch in Germany was on 10 April 2015. The Galaxy S6 has a produced by Samsung itself Exynos 7420 processor with eight cores (4 x 2.1 GHz and 4 x 1.5 GHz) and a 3 gigabyte memory type LPDDR4 RAM. The internal flash memory can be selected by the user from 32 to 128 GB. meeting criticism of many buyers, that this can not be different from the predecessors of the Galaxy series expand later. Similarly, the battery which is permanently installed in the S6 and the S6 Edge and thus, unlike the other models of the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series can no longer be replaced by the user.

Galaxy S6 with 16-megapixel main camera and built-in fingerprint sensor

The smartphone offers a 16-megapixel main camera, the slow motion up to 240fps in HD 720p resolution and recording in 4K allows. The built-in fingerprint sensor works in contrast to the previous S5 simply by positioning the finger. The S6 models are equipped with 143.4 × 70.5 × 6.8 mm slim and pretty with 138 grams a bit lighter than its predecessor S5. However, they are not waterproof and dustproof.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 user guide starts with basic information

The Samsung Galaxy S6 manual download will start on pages 4 to 44 with basic information from the Delivery and Unit Design to SIM or USIM card and battery. The user learns how to turn device on and off, operate touch screen, home screen and lock screen. Other topics in the first chapter of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Manual Download the Notifications panel text are typing, screenshots, open applications, multi-window, device and data management, connect with TV, share files with contacts and the emergency mode.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Manual Download Device componentsThe device structure is explained quite clearly in the Samsung Galaxy S6 manual.

Samsung Galaxy S6: everything worth knowing from S Health, to the Google Apps

It continues in the Samsung Galaxy S6 instructions on pages 45 to 89 to the applications. The proud buyer of S6 learn everything you need to know how he applications installed or uninstalled and how to use the standard applications: Phone, Contacts, Messages, Internet, email, camera, gallery, Smart Manager, S Planner, S Health, S Voice , music, video, voice recorder, your own files, memo, clock, calculator, and Google Apps.

20-page appendix with advice and help with problems

Of particular interest is of course the browsing in the settings. Here you can learn the Samsung Galaxy S6 manual download on pages 91 to 103 specific details and options for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, offline, mobile hotspot and tethering data usage, mobile networks, NFC and payment, sounds and notifications, display, movements and gestures. The pages 104 to 117 are rewritten with content. They include topics such as wallpaper, themes, device security, privacy & Security, input assistance, accounts, back up and reset, Language and input, battery, memory, date, time and device information. The 20-page appendix finally dedicated input help, advice and help with problems and the issue of battery removed. Many other manuals and programs for telecommunications contains our well-stocked download catalog.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Manual Download Split Screen ViewsA lot of valuable information in the Samsung Galaxy S6 user, for example, to split screen view.