Samsung Galaxy A3 manual 2023

Samsung Galaxy A3 manual

Of the Samsung Galaxy A3 Manual Download supplied buyers of the new Galaxy smartphones offcial manual in PDF format. This includes 150 pages all know about Samsung’s sleek and tidy processed mobile phone.

Samsung Galaxy A3 Manual Download as a useful PDF Guide

The Samsung Galaxy A3 carries in version 2016, the model designation SM-A300FU, in version 2017 SM A320FL. It originally came with a 4.5 inch display on the market and is available with a 4.7-inch HD Super AMOLED display. This is very high quality and does not have to hide from the high-end models of Samsung and Apple. The metal enclosure houses a nano-SIM and microSD card. The latter extends the 16 GB base memory up to 128 GB. Unfortunately, the battery is firmly installed and can not be changed by the user.

The smartphone display proves to be handy and still pockets compatible. Inside a strong octa-core processor operates. Other features include fast uploads and downloads over LTE cat.4 and a 13 megapixel main camera with a high-intensity F1.9 aperture for bright images even in low light conditions. Practically the camera quick launch and camera functions for selfies and image optimization.

Samsung Galaxy A3 Manual Download

Tips for opening, installing and uninstalling applications

The Samsung Galaxy A3 Manual Download dedicated – as with the Samsung smartphone manuals usual – initially the first steps. These explain delivery, device design, the use of SIM or USIM card, battery and memory card, turning on and off of the device and the screen lock and unlock. The following are basic information on using the touch screen, the layout of the home screen, the Notifications panel, and quick settings panel. Other topics opening, installing and uninstalling applications, and text are entered in this chapter, Screenshot and energy-saving feature.

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Samsung Galaxy A3 Manual Download Camera

Samsung Galaxy A3 user helps connect to other devices

Other interesting observations the Samsung Galaxy A3 provides user in Chapters network connection capabilities for movement and ease of use, personalization, phone, contacts, messages and e-mail, camera, gallery and emergency assistant. Followed Useful apps and functions ranging from Internet, music, video, clock and calculator to memo, voice recorder, Dropbox, Flipboard, radio and Google Apps. If you continue reading the instructions, learn how it connects with other devices via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC or S Beam.

Galaxy A3 manual with advice and help with problems

The chapter Device and Data Manager describes how users update the device, files between your device and a computer transfer, backup and restore data and reset data. The following are the settings that go down to the last detail and reveal all features for optimal use. Finally, the Samsung Galaxy A3 issued guidance and counsel and help with problems.

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