Microsoft Visio 2013

Microsoft Visio 2013

With the Microsoft Visio Download Users can create highly professional graphs for each area. Individual objects you hold it by the dynamic online connectivity automatically and flexibly to date. New in the current Microsoft Visio download include improved gesture controls for tablet PCs and the integration of cloud services.

Microsoft Visio Download: Complex processes and procedures visualize

Visio 2013 is a high quality Visualization program from Microsoft. This is part of the Microsoft Office 2013, but is not part of an office suite. Therefore, the software can be only purchased separately. The Microsoft Visio download is among others to create flow charts, organization charts and schedules. Complex business processes can be illustrated, controlled and optimized. In addition, the business software can help identify weaknesses and improve workflow efficiency.

Microsoft Visio DownloadCreate professional diagrams with Microsoft Visio Download (Image: Microsoft)

Quick links to Excel & Co.

Alternatively, use is made for creating charts with Microsoft Visio 2013 one of the pre-made chart and object templates or generate your own objects. This link users to a data source, such as Excel & Co. Thus, the objects are always kept up to date on the one hand, on the other hand provides Visio if desired, the change between the two states automatically as an additional graph or color marking graphically.

Download Microsoft Visio diagramsCreating diagrams with diagram and object templates (Image: Microsoft)

Focusing on the essentials with Microsoft Visio

The object management in Microsoft Visio 2013 proves to be just as conceivable. Assistants, auxiliary grid, automatic adjustment of the layout when it changes, containers for combining thematically related objects and a one-click testing logic are always on hand. So you have as a user will always have enough time to concentrate on the essentials. For automatic updating of the data, Microsoft Visio user-defined conditions that one determines for each object operated. Alternatively, objects and update as necessary with just one click. If you want to find faster way in the revised user interface for the quick start manuals offer to Microsoft Office, which we also offer for download.

Microsoft Visio Download CommentsAutomatic updating of data on user-defined conditions (Image: Microsoft)

Online collaboration on complex projects

The data is thanks to the online connection is always up to date and publish their work presenters via Microsoft SharePoint. Useful in Microsoft Visio download is the optional add comments and annotations to the online collaboration with several colleagues.

Limitations of Microsoft Visio 2013

The trial version of Microsoft Visio 2013 has a term of 60 days. A free registration via Windows Live ID is required.