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There are sales platforms about every imaginable product on the Internet. Internet marketplace for buying and selling vehicles counts now already an old hand in his division. In the late nineties was the site online. Whoever wants to use on the go with its Android smartphone the service charges the best app on his cell phone. Especially with online purchase of vehicles, it is worthwhile to stay in real time on the ball. Finally, the purchase of a new car is not a trifle. And real bargains applies here: First come, first served. Android users can download the app for this purpose from on their smartphone. app

Search and filter functions of the app

The app combines a variety of functions in a clear, smartphone-optimized surface. Several sorting and search options help to first find the right vehicle – it should be a new car, or at least a Used? Also, the automaker initial registration and the maximum price can be included in the search. A special service function is the automated calculation of the average price, which serves both customers and private sellers to price orientation. This average price is based on the database for vehicles, reflecting the generally applicable daily rate for a specific vehicle. App Search

Sales platform for cars with price function

Buyers turn can save their favorite cars. For better orientation, there are relevant data, photos and amenities available at a glance for each vehicle. Posting of vehicles is the way free for private sellers. Even with the Android app sales can be found online. In addition, the program displays how many potential buyers who viewed the vehicle and stored. The test drive is also simplified by the app, since it indicates the vehicle location on an integrated map and those interested will guide you directly to the vendor by route planning. the integrated checklists then help locally to clarify all the important issues and facts. since 1996 on the market

Since 1996 there is the Internet marketplace for buying and selling vehicles Since June 2001, the company in the black. According to the market research company, 43 percent of cars sold privately are sold within the first seven days after listing task. In 2011, vehicles were sold with a value of around 35.9 billion euros on app product page

So you buy the car with the Android smartphone With the app offers the GmbH both buyers and sellers, commercially and privately, a compelling car software to download for free. Particularly noteworthy is the price estimator, all of which do not deal every day with the car trade, protect against fraud. But the presentation of the advertisements pleased with the most important information at a glance. However: The real bargains grab usually professional used car dealer, since residential customers do not want to take the risk, as a rule, to buy a car unseen.