WhatsApp disable video calls

WhatsApp disable video calls

The video calling in WhatsApp for Android and WhatsApp for iPhone has become one of the standard functions of the Messengers and is often also chosen by so many for some other call. But can you WhatsApp disable video calls? Because not everyone finds the way practical and that is one or the other probably already annoyed be more than motivated friends who use the feature excessive. We’ll tell you more.

WhatsApp disable video callsVideo calls can not turn off – but can you protect yourself while before! (Picture: WhatsApp / pixabay / Editorial)

WhatsApp disable video calls – is that even possible?

Pretty much every WhatsApp users has certainly made a typing error before and started accidentally a WhatsApp call. So it stands to fear that this could happen with video calls. And just for people who have little data volume is available, that would be a medium-heavy disaster might. In addition, each has certainly so a friend who flies totally in such new features and will use a little too extensively in the coming weeks, the video telephony. So how protect yourself? disable WhatsApp video calls?

For this, the Messenger, however, has built no function: Both the normal WhatsApp call feature and WhatsApp video calls can not be deactivated. At least not yet. WhatsApp himself writes “… we can not comment on future developments.” However, you can watch still protect against pesky calls – and the caller directly automatically via text message to inform you that you have on video calls not want.

simply reject calls

but if WhatsApp WhatsApp calls or disable video calls is already not possible, one can reject, of course them. So would anyone call, just tap Decline or message. In the latter case can the caller then send a message why you did not accept the call (and if you ever stands for those calls. Maybe the caller remembers so that he is now at the wrong address).

Even people with little monthly data volume can breathe easy, because according to WhatsApp calling features are designed to use as little data as possible. And data consumption can be further limited. Just go to Settings, then in WhatsApp on data usage and enables the setting Reduce data usage. Otherwise, you should always pay attention to making or receiving calls only in the WLAN to accept.

WhatsApp video calls not disable possiblethe function can not be fully exhibit – but at least deal. (Picture: WhatsApp / Editorial)

Emergency function: contact block

WhatsApp has placed the phone for making a call in the app by the way now so that the chance of an accidental call is now somewhat lower. In addition, you must now choose for integration of video calling once what type of call you have to make. Accidental calls should therefore become a thing of the past.

If a caller you really so very annoying with calls and video calls, there is still the drastic method: a block WhatsApp contact. However You can then receive no more news of him that should be aware of.

Beware of false activation and deactivation Links

By the way: A manual activation of the video call feature is not necessary – that happens by itself! Again and again, namely con artists send phishing messages to rip WhatsApp users about an alleged activation link. It could be only a matter of time before there are such links for an alleged deactivation. So: Do ​​not click!