Farmville 2 Hack? Viruses and phishing instead of keys and coins! Anyone who wants to enjoy country life anyway, should better try it with these tricks and score with honest country work!

After downloading Farmville 2: Get out into the country encounter users quickly to the usual limits of so-called freemium games: limited resources and long waiting times. Both mood killer can be bypassed with costly in-app purchases, as irritating to a number of players certainly the free alternative of hacks. But instead of the hoped-for resources, there are only malware on the phone or the account will be set by the provider on ice. Who neither the one nor the other wants, should try these tricks.

Farmville 2 HackStay away from Farmville 2 Hack!

Instead Farmville 2 Hack with these tricks come to keys

Key're the premium currency of Kultagames and 2 Hack promised in huge quantities in each alleged Farmville. To get access to exclusive buildings or animals, they should be saved from the start and only used wisely. Instead of wasting the keys already in the tutorial in order to shorten the waiting time, players had better wait a few seconds to pick up the coveted Good for worthwhile causes. Who attended diligently missions has thus tapped a relatively reliable source of premium currency.

Collect experience points and level up fast

To quickly complete each level and unlock new animals or buildings (steps), hardworking experience points must be collected. The fastest way is by completing quests, selling products, the opening up of new land and if friends is gripped at harvest and washing vigorously under his arms. In addition, the Level Booster can be lucky enough to find Grandma's meadow. There is even a lot to discover that a profit can be sold or for upgrades is necessary - and do so without a Farmville 2 Hack.

Making way for

A not to be underestimated factor in the success of the farm is the barn. Here all goods and agricultural products are stored. However, it usually does not take too long until the building is bursting at the seams. Therefore, the motto is - similar to the IKEA Advertisements make room for something new! There are several options: first of all, the sale of goods over the small table next to the barn. If an item is requested, which owns one is not, a new request can be started. Additional selling options are the stall (level 8), associations or the completion of quests. If you nowhere what is going on: Just upgrade the barn!