restore Snapchat pictures? It’s that easy!

restore Snapchat pictures? It’s that easy!

Using a trick can be restore Snapchat photos: Because although photos and videos quickly disappear, but are stores temporarily, users can retrieve them in such a way! If you missed it after Snapchat download, create one particularly funny, beautiful or sexy Snapchats a screenshot here should read on, because that is not lost!

Thus Snapchat photos can be restored

In fact Snapchat does everything that the sent images will be permanently deleted. This has made this service so successful – but also the unofficial exchange market candid private photos. Who wants this more than a few seconds on the screen, can capture the screen both Android and iOS – but the sender of the image of about Snapchat is informed.

store images on iOS

iPhone users can get around that with the following trick: After the screenshot of the home button twice must be pressed and then the menu will be called. However, this must happen very quickly and within the time window in which the image is still visible.

Add photos and videos on Android

Android users can download the Snapsave instead. With this tool, both images and videos, or the so-called stories can be stored directly. However Snapsave has two major disadvantages: firstly Snapchat is not good to speak to such third-party and threatens to others to users must register with their full-Snapchat data and the Google account with blocking of user accounts. Although the Snapsave promises not to disclose the data, but doubts are quite justified here.

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restore Snapchat photosSnapchat photos restore Snapsave. (Picture: SnapSave / Editorial)

An alternative is to download the app Casper The app extends the capabilities of Snapchat clear pictures, videos and stories can be downloaded easily. There are also numerous filter with which photos can be aufhübschen, smileys and an optional location reporting. Similar to Snapsave users also need to sign in Casper with their Snapchat credentials (including the password) and their Google account. The blocking of user accounts can not be excluded.

Snapchat photos restore CasperWith the Casper app itself Snaps can simply store. (Picture: Liam Cottle / Editorial)

Note: We recommend at this point in both Android versions to create a precaution a new Google account.

retrieve previously deleted photos

Snapchat works – especially since millions of private Snapchats the WWW ended – because once deleted images and videos can not be stored or retrieved. With these tricks it works anyway:

restore Snapchat videos on Android

For Android, there are – at least for photos – no way to consider once again deleted images. However, videos can be after the Dumpster app download easily recover. The recovery tool works similarly to the Recycle Bin on the PC to Android devices. With it, deleted data can be – even Snapchat videos – retrieve. Until recently, users were able to recover Snapchat photos so itself, this issue is now resolved, however.

Snapchat photos restore Dumpster appDumpster gets deleted files back to the Android. (Picture: Baloota Apps / Editorial)

Restore the iPhone Snapchat photos

the whole procedure is somewhat more complicated for iPhone users. These iOS has to be cracked with a jailbreak. The current Pangu Jailbreak iOS 9 download here. Following photos and videos can be tracked in the file manager. Here, users have to click through the folders to find the correct files. In addition, there is only a limited window of time, the temporary images may be deleted from Snapchat for.

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Snapchat photos restore jailbreakSchwieiriger it is on the iPhone; only a jailbreak helps. (Picture:

Even more Snapchat hints are in this video: