Excel roster V3

Excel roster V3

Of the Excel roster V3 Download is no longer offered independently in this form, but is part of the Excel roster, we also available for download.

Result of working time accounts with Excel roster V3

Excel workbooks solution for the partially automated creating rosters with working time account management, job priority and target / actual thickness comparison (staff numbers per job). It can be distributed to 30 people per day, four different jobs, the number of per job scheduled staff members is calculated and compared with the predetermined target thickness. The input of shared services is possible. For each employee the difference between the agreed and prepaid working over a period of 53 calendar weeks is continuously netted. Working hours can not be calculated when the service period until the next day extends, that is, beyond 24:00 (this function is provided in Excel roster V4 available). assumes Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice.

Excel roster V3 Download

Limitations of Excel roster V3

Full functionality for four employees

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