micro-SIM Template

With the micro-SIM template user lop normally handle large SIM card to micro SIM format. The free PDF template is a useful aid for users who want to continue using their existing SIM card in Apple's iPad or iPhone 4th iPad and iPhone 4 gives Apple from the factory with a micro-SIM slot. Conventional SIM cards are too large for the new SIM card slot. The free micro-SIM template provides a remedy. The PDF template for printing helps in the proper cutting normal sized SIM card for insertion in the iPad and iPhone 4. A detailed step-by-step instructions can be found on the manufacturer's website. micro-SIM template helps users correct cutting of SIM cards to the micro-SIM size. Fans of iPad and iPhone 4 can use the template their existing SIM card on. Trimming the SIM card at your own risk. Neither the manufacturer nor Freeware.de be liable for any resulting damage.