Diablo 3 crook get & off to the Bonus Level

Diablo 3 crook get & off to the Bonus Level

To enter the secret bonus level, you need different ingredients for the Diablo 3 Hirtenstab. Now read how to get the items!

After Diablo 3 Download the gamer enters a dark fantasy world, 20 years after the evil was defeated in Sanctuary begins. In addition to the countless levels and missions through which each player has to fight, there is a bonus level as in the previous model. What was a Kuhlevel in Diablo 2, is now a pony level or the county mood Bach. To get there, however, some requirements must be met. Among other things, the pastoral staff plays an important role. We show you how and from where you enter the bonus level.

Diablo 3 HirtenstabUnicorns, teddy bears, rainbows – and blood! (Image: Screenshot Blizzard / Editorial)

General information on Diablo 3 crook and Pony Level

To access the motley world of ponies, teddy bears, unicorns and rainbow, gamers must first be in possession of the shepherd’s crook. This in turn can be prepared by different ingredients at the blacksmith. In addition to the shepherd’s crook other conditions must be met. For example, the gamer must have Diablo 3 at least once played and have the memory points from the five acts.

Tip: There are only one version of Diablo 3 shepherd’s crook, which opens in all levels of difficulty, the gateway to the county mood Bach. A special pastoral staff is not necessary.

Ingredients for the shepherd’s crook

In order to be make a shepherd’s crook by Smith, first other items are needed.
* Black Mushroom
* Leoric shin
* Host Bell
* Rainbow water
* Gibberish gem

find the black fungus

The black fungus can be found only in the first level of the Cathedral of Tristram in the first act. About the Garden of the Cathedral of the players come nearest to the desired location. Through the gate you enter the cathedral. Whoever finds a fungus that takes this on by clicking.

Since the dungeons are randomly generated, it may be that no fungus is available and several attempts are necessary. For this, simply leave the battlefield, then click continue playing.

Diablo 3 Hirtenstab Black Mushroom(Image: Screenshot Blizzard / Editorial)

record Leoric shin

The second item for the Diablo 3 crook is in the first act, the estate of Leoric. The Gamer So goes there and enter this on the front door. The first room on the right is the goal. There is a fireplace, located in the remains of wood logs. This clicking and Leoric shin is taken.

If the fireplace but empty, will also have to follow further attempts by leaves play and restarts.

Diablo 3 Hirtenstab Leoric shin(Image: Screenshot Blizzard / Editorial)

Purchase of host Bell

When host bell of the players for once not from any accidents depends. Everything you need what are 100,000 gold, because the object must be purchased. It can be bought in the second act of the dealer crumb. It runs her either at the bazaar in Caldeum or camp on the road.

Diablo 3 crook host bell(Image: Screenshot Blizzard / Editorial)

For rainbow water

The thing with the Rainbow water is particularly tricky and requires a lot of patience. Reason: One needs luck twice. First you have to get access to a particular cave and in this a certain chest must also be present. Therefore, this step can take more than ten attempts.

First, the player takes the waypoint The oasis of Dahlgur in the second act and moves in southwestern direction. There should meet the Händler Zaven The Alchemist, which you have to save them from ghosts and phantoms. So the player gets access to the cave. In this mysterious chest must be found, which can be located in the first or second level. Who had double happiness, can absorb rainwater in its inventory.

Note: When the chest is not the Magnificent chest that at the end of the cave can be found in each case.

grab gibberish gem

The last item that you need three shepherd’s crook for the Diablo is even more difficult to find. In the third act, the player must first go from waypoint The Bridge of Korsikk to the fields of carnage. Diving there – depending on luck – the caves of frost or Eisschlaghöhlen on. The former is required to get the last item. Having found the cave is provided with the search for the elite opponent Chiltara the player’s patience to the test again. The enemy is very rare, but you have to defeat him to get the reward, the gibberish gemstone. Who does not need several hours here, really lucky!

Diablo 3 Hirtenstab gibberish gem(Image: Screenshot Blizzard / Editorial)

Wrought plan for the Diablo 3 Hirtenstab

If the player has all the items together, he still has the blacksmith forge now the plan for the crook get. This plan is obtained by defeating Tyrael’s former brother in arms Izual. The big fight is waiting in the fourth act behind the plane of the Silver Tower on the player. With the plan in his pocket, the gamer must now go to the blacksmith. Against the wrought plan, the five items and another 50,000 gold he will establish the shepherd’s crook. Subsequently, the shepherd’s crook is packed in the inventory.

Diablo 3 Hirtenstab Izual(Image: Screenshot Blizzard / Editorial)

enter county mood Bach

In the final step, the player goes back to the first act to the ancient ruins. There one moves south to get there meets red-glowing rock. At this point, if the Spirit of Kuhkönigs which grants an access to the bonus level appears. The county is the complete contrast to the gloomy world, because there expect in a colorful setting rainbow, ponies and teddy bears. Once you put the bumpy road on the Diablo 3 crook behind you, you will be rewarded with many gifts here.

Diablo 3 Hirtenstab Pony Level(Image: Screenshot Blizzard / Editorial)