Deer Hunter 2016

Deer Hunter 2016

With Deer Hunter 2016 for Android players can go big game hunting and collect trophies. The successor of Deer Hunter 2014 and Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores offers new hunting grounds, numerous weapons, which can be customized by rifle scopes, magazines or runs.

deer hunter 2016 android

Deer Hunter 2016 for Android: Proven concept in new Darling

With the edition 2016 the developer Glu Mobile remains true to its successful concept. The game is similar in design to the previous versions: At the beginning, there are three worlds – the hunting in Alaska starts. Throughout the game different animal species to be hunted on different continents. To complete individual missions and receive rewards, the animals have to be brought by accurate shots in the brain, heart or lungs to the track. Missions completed bring money that in turn can be spent on new weapons or upgrades.

Unlock with the trophy hunting Texas and Colorado

The individual hunting areas must be unlocked by the completion of trophy hunts. Unlike the other missions the weapon special conditions for trophy hunting must meet. So, it pays to pay special attention to this and spend money to upgrade the right weapons.

Deer Hunter 2016 Android is a classic freemium game

Hunting simulation is available for free download. However, stand for dealing with emissions limited energy reserves and for weapons and upgrades is limited money available. That can change quickly using in-app purchases via hard currency. Apart from this, of course, there is also a certain charm in to complete the tasks step by step and on its own – which is certainly a form of hunting instinct.

The official trailer for Deer Hunter 2016 for Android

A dedicated glimpse into play is the official trailer. As in any teaser you get though to see only the best scenes, but in fact convinced the game in graphic terms and the animations are not bad – at least for a mobile app makes Deer Hunter a great job!