Emergency 112 – The fire department Simulation

Simulations are very popular because they show mostly very realistic about how things work. Fire service women and men, as well as fans of the fighting force can in Emergency 112 Download virtual experience how deployments of equip go and what to consider in an emergency.

Emergency 112 DownloadThe Emergency 112 Download brings a realistic simulation of fire service on the computer. (Picture: Crenetic)

Emergency 112 Download and sharp details

Practice creates masters. But not always everything can experience first hand and implement. Therefore, a simulation provides the opportunity once virtually go through processes and to simulate situations that can not be as easy to implement.

Just firefighters have to deal with many different situations. Both professional firefighters and those volunteer firefighters are always well prepared. A simulation can all scenarios but again more make pass in the flesh - and those interested attract and retain more of these exciting, but also very responsible job and they get into it. This is mainly due to the high degree provides 112 Download Details of the emergency call.

Fire trucks, scenarios, materials

Scenarios may be generated randomly. Thus, the user has to decide in seconds, how to proceed - as in real life. Then it's swing yourself into the fire engine, select the appropriate equipment and save lives. Among others are fire engines, a ladder or a change loader fully functional ready and one AI controlled command vehicle there. Hoses can be moved flexibly and use realistic.

With the right selection of equipment to oil spills can combat supply car accidents and fires - both inside and outside - Delete. So emergency applies 112 - Firefighters simulation as one of the currently most realistic simulation games.

Emergency 112 Download materialsAll necessary materials are freely available. (Picture: Crenetic)

Open world, but with weaknesses

Model for the guard was the professional fire station Muelheim, but the surrounding town is fictional. but by chance it can lead to an emergency in any area of ​​the city - and therefore in each building - come. Even at night, inserts can take place. A navigation system in fire engine leads the player doing goal - and the road is simulated realistically.

Also a multiplayer mode there, which now also has a chat feature.

Unfortunately, the game still looks quite buggy, although regularly worked on it. Missions can not be implemented properly because the game gets stuck or glitches occur. The report some active players. The approach, however, is very good, but it is a mammoth task to set up a so realistic simulation game about the extremely complex issue of firefighters.

Emergency 112 download insertsRealistic, random missions can be experienced - even at night. (Picture: Crenetic)

System Requirements

You should check before emergency 112 download if your PC has the following specifications with it:

  • Operating system: Windows Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (64 bits)
  • Processor: from 2.6 GHz
  • Random access memory: from 8 GB RAM
  • Hard disk space: min. 6 GB free
  • Graphic card: min. 1 GB VRAM (onboard graphics cards are not supported)
  • DirectX 11
  • sound card
  • Internet connection to download
  • Steam account

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