Behind the new scoring the popular children's books, the The Three Download hides a fan project, which it has set itself the goal of einzusprechen cult radio plays again. The stated intention is to orient themselves closer to the book templates, than is the case with the commercial radio play versions.

The Three Download: Exciting audio books in the original text

The originals of the three question marks were often shortened, thus missing some scenes or even entire storylines. In which The Three Download the friend of the cult series, can look forward to a faithful implementation. In addition, the three question marks to the new scoring Publication order of US literature templates holds. Accordingly, the radio play does not start with the Super parrot, but with the Haunted Manor.

The Three Download

35 radio play adventures of the young detectives

Currently, the following 35 adventure detectives Justus Jonas, Peter Shaw and Bob Andrews available for download:

  • The three ??? and the Gespensterschloss
  • The three ??? and the super-parrot
  • The three ??? and the whispering mummy
  • The three ??? and the green spirit
  • The three ??? and the missing treasure
  • The three ??? and the Haunted Island
  • The three ??? and the curse of the ruby
  • The three ??? and the silver spider
  • The three ??? and the strange alarm clock
  • The three ??? and the Devil's Mountain
  • The three ??? and the mountain monsters
  • The three ??? and Karpatenhund
  • The three ??? and the doppelganger
  • The three ??? poltergeist
  • The three ??? and the burning sword
  • The three ??? Voices from nowhere
  • The three ??? Piste devil
  • The three ??? Night in fear
  • The three ??? fire Devil
  • The three ??? death flight
  • The three ??? stinger
  • The three ??? dead island
  • The three ??? and the witches phone
  • The three ??? The legacy of master thief
  • The three ??? Track to nowhere
  • The three ??? and the Ghost Train
  • The three ??? Football fever
  • The three ??? Ghost Canyon
  • The three ??? fire moon
  • The three ??? Terror from the moor
  • The three ??? black Madonna
  • The three ??? Shadow over Hollywood
  • The three ??? SMS from the grave
  • The three ??? The Curse of the Dragon
  • The three ??? House of Deadlock

The Three Download

Download as a complete MP3 audio play or individual chapters

Each of these radio plays can be both high and space-saving, lower-quality draw on the computer, namely either as complete or chapters separate MP3. In addition, the three question marks download provides each an original and an alternative CD cover including inlay on to download. Other audio books are available for free download in our software offering.