So secret crossy road Characters are unlocked 2023

So secret crossy road Characters are unlocked

In the new cult game there is in addition to countless figures some secret Crossy road Characters. but these can not buy it. Here’s how to find Hipster Whale, Nessy, Cai Shen and Co. unlock!

Who use its chicken has already brought a number of times certain about the busy streets after downloading the Android crossy road, will have already made acquaintance with other characters. Although the countless pixel animals and figures relating to the game mechanics and skills are no different, it is a refreshing change. Especially since noise and environment change. Those who want to come in addition to the regular characters like kittens, ducks or robots sometimes to enjoy the secret crossy road characters, if you please: The following tips and tricks to unlock Hipster Whale and secret characters to the UK and Australia update are listed.

Regular vs. secret crossy road Characters

For the “normal” characters, of which there are about 50 pieces, the user has two options to unlock: First, they can be used as pay in-app purchases using real money. Around one euro a piece. The other way also requires financial resources, but virtual. Who throws 100 coins into the machine receives a character. However, the one at random. If it runs unhappy, you get a character you had before.

but secret pixel figures of crossy road app can grab neither coins nor money. To get this coveted characters, you have to follow the game in different situations, certain behaviors.

Crossy road CharactersSo secret crossy road Characters are unlocked. (Picture: Ltd./Redaktion)

The secret characters Hipster Whale and Gifty

Among the most famous secret characters from crossy road of Hipster Whale, who is also the logo of the developer ranks. The cute whale is found in the river, but this is more a matter of luck. If you really want to get the hipster whale should therefore have patience and time, because it may take hours. At best, the game starts you until you have a river in front of the nose at the very beginning of the path. On this one now waits until the whale surfaces. It drives like the tree trunks with the flow through the water. If you’re lucky, you have to jump on it quickly to him. can now be easily carried away by the flow and the hipster whale is unlocked.

  Así Caracteres carretera Crossy secreto se desbloquean

Crossy road gifty Characters(Picture: Ltd./Redaktion)

The secret crossy road character Gifty, which is strictly speaking a present on legs, can grab only on feast days actually. So first you have to play this with the festive chicken, which is always put on public holidays available. With this particular chicken a Christmas tree must be found, which is to overturn. The tree now throws with gifts around, of which you have to collect all possible very quickly. Then who lost his life, gets Gifty.

New secret characters in Australia Update

Just in time for Australia Day on 26 January 2015 an official national holiday, which is celebrated in the home of developer, came the so-called Australia Update in crossy road. Many new crossy road characters such as the koala bear, Dingo, wombats or the kangaroo were introduced. In addition, five secret characters have been added, which can be re-activate only by a particular style of play.

get drop bears and crab

To call the drop bears his own, players must first start the game with any new Australian character. With the Australian figure, the game graphics will change, as is now shown between road and rail desert. After an indeterminate period of Drop Bear appears in the game. He sits on a tree and the player must go to him, so the bear can jump on to the other figure. With the death of one’s own figure gives the drop bears.

Crossy road Characters drop bear(Picture: Ltd./Redaktion)

The secret Crab able to gain users when they take advantage of the playing field level in particular. First, you look for the game again one of the characters from the Australia crossy road update. With this, the player then runs on the desert surfaces always to the left and right. It is a score between 50 and 100 points needed. When one dies, the crab should be unlocked.

  Así Caracteres carretera Crossy secreto se desbloquean

Crossy road Characters crab(Picture: Ltd./Redaktion)

The Hipster Whale developers as secret characters

In addition to the crab and the drop bears have with Australia Update held three more mysterious figures in crossy road feeder: The developers of Hipster Whale. In order to play with Matt Hall, Andy Sum and Ben Weatherall, the user must first crack his own high score with three special characters. There is no exact number that must be achieved at 200 points but everything should go smoothly. For Weatherall the Emperor is played for Hall, the lucky cat and Sum mallard. Those who manage to unlock the IT guys can look forward to special gaming environments. Andy Sum pulling a tail behind it, at Ben Weatherall many blocks appear in the game and Matt Hall have to walk through the rain.

Crossy road Characters developer(Picture: Ltd./Redaktion)

China update comes character caishen

With the Chinese New Year on February 19, another, slightly smaller update was rolled out. It brought three new crossy road Characters: Xi, who can win on the slots, lucky chicken, which can be “bought” for free and secret Cai Shen, the god of health. To unlock this deity, is played with the lucky chicken. During the game, red envelopes always arise that need to be collected. It takes 20 to 25 envelopes.

Crossy road characters cai shen(Picture: Ltd./Redaktion)

New crossy road characters with Update GB

The UK update has brought another 14 characters in the game that can be get on the machines. These include, for example, a lady, a gentleman and a bagpipe player, also you find a fox, badger and butterfly and fish and chips. Developers also, of course, again secret characters in crossy road included: Nessy, a phone booth and puck Leprechaun.

  Así Caracteres carretera Crossy secreto se desbloquean

Crossy road Characters nessy(Picture: Ltd./Redaktion)

Nessy you get with the same method as the hipster whale. You play with a new UK-figure and waits until Nessy in the river comes along and jumps up. With the next life the famous monster is there.

Crossy road Characters leprechaun(Picture: Ltd./Redaktion)

Also for the Kobold Leprechaun, the player starts with a new UK figure. With the update even small clovers are now scattered on the trails. As in real life, there are often three-leaf clover, but with a little luck you come across one with four leaves. This must be collected and the Goblin will be shown after loss of this life the next.

Crossy road Characters phone booth(Picture: Ltd./Redaktion)

To get the funny phone box, the user must hardly do anything. He just plays regularly with the new crossy road characters of the UK updates. At some point he will meet with the phone booth, the bells can be heard from afar. Then just follow the ringing and approach so close to the red house until the ringing stops. In the next life, the cell phone is available.