Native Instruments Massive brings the fattest sound that can be found today in the computer-based recording studio. The synth is suitable for any kind of electronic Mucke - whether fat basses for RnB and hip hop, wide hooks for technoid work of all kinds, or schwurbelige wobbles for DubStep Drum and Base actually plays for the Masterpiece from Berlin not matter. The strength of the VST synths is clearly in the many cool modulation capabilities - but who does not feel like too much technical Gewerkel, must be thanks to a huge database of Hammer presets thus not employ a second, but can simply click, and start-ready sounds.

Standalone synth or VST Massive Download

The NI Massive Download tinkers either independently as a standalone or latches to VSTi and RTAS base in a sequencer. As a standalone controlling NI Massive over a MIDI keyboard, and can affect the sound live numerous controller via a control surface, such as the Novation Remote or the in-house NI controllers. Who wants to go more toward production, looks best in the overview of free downloads for music make and integrates the massive tone generator in a VST studio. So you have to einklimpern melodies and baselines not live, but arranges them in a song and letting it play automatically. In addition, it also binds a controller, as in the stand-alone, but also benefits from the extensive automation capabilities of a VST hosts and garnished the whole thing to boot with delicious external VST effects. The standalone is therefore intended either for live pros, or for beginners who want to get an idea for now. The Massive VST version, however, is rather aimed at songwriter.

massive Klangerzeung

Basically, the NI Massive Download not at all that infinitely lavish. Three oscillators, a modulation oscillator and noise and feedback are used for sound production. The range of available waveforms for the Oszis, however, .. well, solid. In addition, any waveform can be started at any point and treat, for example as a spectrum or formant. The Oszis be routed, connected and mixed at will, channeled through two separately switchable filter with numerous modes and is available with insert and post FX. All that there Unison and / or with up to 64 voices - but with increasing Voices a good amount of processing power is required.

NI Massive Download

Manual and automatic sound distortion

can get really dizzy in the modulation capabilities. As a modulation source, four envelopes and three optional LFO, Stepper or performer ready. Which one is simply to their own taste, draws the corresponding icon to the desired modulation targets, regulate strength and from it. On request, even modulates a modulated modulation another, fans of modern electronic music will have their delight in the possibilities.

NI Massive Download modulation and Macro Controls

In addition to the automated Klangverbiegung one also has eight knobs - the Macro Controls - available with several controls simultaneously. Thus, a controller controls a number of other controllers at a time, thus making for example, the filter deeper, during resonance and distortion go high, the reverb but also less. In the final presets can the understand quite well, here affect the eight quick controls usually the main modulation parameters. By the way: Just about all knobs, faders and switches in NI Msssive are equipped with a MIDI learn function and can be remotely controlled in this way by external devices or via host automation. Huge opportunities for sound engineer and Presetklicker A spectrum of tonal colors and especially an almost endless list of modulation options - nothing short of Native Instruments Massive Download brings to the studio. For informative loose lining in the background tend to be less capable of massive tone generator provides spectacular wide and most striking sounds. The bottom line is the sound design possibilities of lead synth to dubstep wobble baseline first order. Anyone looking for a virtual analog Synthiesizer with extremely fat sound and maximum modulation capabilities, can stop the search at least for the time being. The user interface remains largely clear and can hardly matters after some training open. Download a clear tip!

Limitations of Massive

Complete functionality with 1345 sounds Runs 30 minutes per session No Save or Total Recall