Power Teacher DeLuxe European driving license

When Power Teacher is a useful program to prepare for the driving test. Based on the official list of questions so the Power Teacher DeLuxe Europe is driving Download with effective learning methods and questions. In addition, the program has practical assistance to test anxiety in his luggage.

Perfect preparation with the Power Teacher DeLuxe European driving license Download

If the driving test is fast approaching, the pressure rises to the learner. For many it is the testing situation itself that brings a sweat. But still the costs are added, which are no small matter solely for testing. A second start since been hurt tremendously. In order to prepare perfectly for the driving test, the company has developed admigro an extremely effective training package. With the Power Teacher DeLuxe European driving license Download the correct methods, features and issues for learner drivers come on the computer.

Power Teacher DeLuxe European driving license Download

Here, the learning program has two objectivesOn the one hand, users will be through exercises and ideally prepared queries of his state of knowledge for the exam questions become. Second, the software will also eliminate the often larger problem - the test anxiety. For this purpose has the driving license Learning Tool Hypnosis for relaxation on board.

Individual learning strategies with Power Teacher DeLuxe European driving license

As you would expect from other software for effective learning and education, the driving power Teacher brings the ideal training tool for the learner. Not for nothing, the program received in 2005 the award very good from a driving school magazine. Here, the coach keeps strictly to the official questionnaire that was end of June 2006 update. So that each student can make learning as it is most effective for him there different test modes. This can be associated with up to 13 test routines. In this way, each puts his personal teaching methods together. The questions also meet the official examination papers, which are also used in the official examination. All Results from the tests being represented graphically and thus give clearly the state of knowledge of the student again.

Power Teacher DeLuxe European driving license Download evaluation

The learning software takes into account, moreover, all license categories - including the introduced 2005 S-Class. This is the driving license for three-wheel motorcycles and four-wheeled small vehicles such as quads, Trike and micro cars. With the class S are based on the given type of vehicles is 45 km / h. However, driving license owners can automatically drive S-Class.

Software for learning also brings relaxation through hypnosis

In addition to the versatile learning techniques and questionnaires Download Power Teacher DeLuxe European driving license has another important element: the hypnosis session. Here, the tool relies on an important fact. Because often fall learner not due to lack of knowledge, but due to large test anxiety by the driving test. Since the program wants to keep. With the built-hypnosis sessions learner drivers should learn to deal with their anxiety and to relax. So if you always makes crazy already in advance and stressed out, can Loosen between classes with hypnosis and soothe. Tool timpani and relax in front of the driving test The learning software is the ideal preparation for the driving school exam. The interface is extremely clear and simple in design so that everyone really cope with it. The only downer: The Demo version is hypnosis Not unfortunately contain.

Limitations of Power Teacher DeLuxe European driving license

The demo version is limited compared to the full version to the following points:

  1. 1&# 46; It can only be learned with a learner
  2. 2&# 46; It can only be learned for the class B driving license. (About 100 Example Questions)
  3. 3&# 46; The relaxation hypnosis is not integrated.