Who Tinder without Facebook would like to use, have to resort to some tricks. Now protect personal data and improve profile! Those looking for a date quickly and easily, the Tinder can download app, because the dating app can be found today on the smartphone many singles. The convenient wipe technique and easy contact contribute to its popularity. To access the Flirt app, a Facebook login is required, but not every single wants to mix his social network with the dating profile. We show how to use the shortcut forced!

You can use Tinder without Facebook?

Officially is currently a login at Tinder without Facebook impossible. All profiles in the dating app are automatically generated from Facebook data. In addition, the combination of a fast verification is that it is among the members of a real man. For that you have to check the following information for use in the application:

  • public profile
  • friends list
  • E-mail address
  • sexual orientation
  • birthday
  • education
  • Current Location
  • photos
  • personal description
  • Interests and "Like" - details

Some of this information, such as sexual orientation, friends, photos, date of birth and "Like" indications that serve the compilation of the profile. For other data is less clear why the dating app would like to access it. Unfortunately, neither the manufacturers nor the page Terms provide justification. In addition, no limited access rights can be assigned. Who wants to still use Tinder and protect his privacy still needs an additional profile on the social network.

Make a Facebook account for Tinder

Anticipation should be noted that Facebook requires only a private profile per person in its terms and conditions. A second side is violating the official guidelines and can be deleted at worst, with both accounts from the social network. To create a second profile, private or incognito mode should be used in the browser. In this way one avoids detection by digital mitgeschleifte cookies. In addition, it requires an additional Internet address with which you are not yet registered with Facebook.

tinder without facebook's how it looks when you linked Tinder and Facebook. (Image: Screenshot Facebook / Editorial)

protect personal data in Tinder with second Facebook profile. When applying a new digital personality, personal details, such as the first name, date of birth, sexual orientation and gender should be truthful. This information will be considered by the algorithm of the Tinder app and decide, among other things about who you might see.

Join in the smartphone with second account

Since Tinder not work without Facebook, you are automatically logged in the smartphone with the normal account. To feed the dating app with data of the second profile, the settings must be changed in the smartphone on the second account. Here also the Facebook Messenger is automatically logged in with the new access. For users who frequently use the chat function, this will be a problem if none of the friends is connected to the new account. Everyone should decide for themselves whether the effort is worthwhile. Users who go with the smartphone rarely in the social network, this change will fall probably easier.