WhatsApp Easter Greetings: The 25 coolest Easter Sayings 2023

WhatsApp Easter Greetings: The 25 coolest Easter Sayings

Who WhatsApp Ostergrüße want to send it via smartphone or tablet, will find below some short, cool and funny sayings suitable for Easter. Try it now and send to friends and family!

WhatsApp Easter greetings: the best quotes and video clips

Easter greetings are now, of course, replaced mainly by WhatsApp. But where to find the appropriate sayings or video clips with friends, family or colleagues? We have compiled the best and funniest ideas that you can send to the download of WhatsApp for Android or iOS as a text message or animated Easter greeting. Similarly, WhatsApp Easter greetings go also via E-mail, Facebook or other messenger on the trip.

WhatsApp OstergrüßeWhatsApp Ostergrüße: Humorous Sayings and videos Email (Image: pixabay / Editorial)

Copy and paste Easter sayings in WhatsApp

The WhatsApp Easter greetings can be quickly and simply copy and paste. Those who want to save text in the clipboard, press on one of the following 25 awards, which he wants to copy and marks the desired section. Another click Copy, and the text passage ends up in the clipboard. To paste the text in a WhatsApp message finally selects Insert and the previously copied text appears at the selected location.

  • Patsch! You were just hit by a WhatsApp Easter egg. Welcome to the Easter Egg battle. Please continue to send and a Happy Easter.
  • This is an Easter egg by WhatsApp. Here’s how: turn phone on silent mode, go outside and throw very far away. Have fun searching!
  • Had the eggs suddenly cornered, it was quite dirty chickens. Happy Easter!
  • Sweet Easter bunny to nibble on offer. Guaranteed low in calories!
  • Colorful eggs, large and small, want to rein in the basket. Happy Easter wish ..
  • As a small Easter egg bounces fast times in your phone in and wishes you unquestionably beautiful Easter day.
  • The Easter Bunny has hidden it, now look what you taste.
  • You are the splash of color in my daily grind. Happy Easter!
  • You must now all be very strong, because I need you something sad to say: The Easter Bunny does not exist!
  • A joyful greeting for Easter can corrode the friendship never. In addition to that happy hours and a couple of eggs to be found!
  • The Easter Bunny is currently not rest because he has his paws full. And therefore it provides the trot from our best regards!
  • Finally it’s Easter, it’s getting warmer. Even the Easter Bunny is ready and soon poorer by many eggs.
  • It’s Easter every year quite difficult for the rabbit.
  • Hello my hare, despite all the competition for Easter, you’re the cutest rabbit for me.
  • Bunny Bunny is looking for eggs hiding.
  • Knows everyone who’s Anyway, healthy and invigorating is the egg.
  • missing someone you badly, you want to Easter much that you are happy and cheerful, and much, much more.
  • Come to me, my bunny, or I pull you the spoons long!
  • Men (women) are like bunnies: Intelligent, charming and sexy. But who believes in the Easter Bunny?
  • Oh, I’m probably a bit too late. Santa has stopped me, but still: Happy Easter!
  • Those looking for Easter eggs too many, Christmas has the mess.
  • Osterhas, Osterhas, sitting alone in the green grass, bouncing between the cavities, brings you Easter.
  • Easter bunny looking warm nest to warm up.
  • Many colorful Easter eggs, a nice Easter holidays, this and much else, I wish from my heart a lot.
  • because what hops in green grass, my child, it is the Osterhas, nimble he hides egg to egg and is one for you too.
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Send WhatsApp Easter videos to loved ones

Instead of the bare Easter sayings Also cinematic Whatsapp can send Easter greetings. On the video platform YouTube, there are countless small Easter videos. We have from four examples of evocative and witty WhatsApp Ostergrüße selected in the form of a video clip. Here, a cute chicken lays a real Easter egg, it dancing colorful Easter eggs and a Teddy place in a separable Easter egg a little Easter chicks. Witzig is also the view of an Easter factory, where the eggs are painted in a very special way.