SignantCut controls cutters from different manufacturers. The Free Plotter software specializes in the transfer of ready-vector files for cutting plotter and this provides helpful detail settings for preservation of the material and optimization of the cut. In addition, a preview of the cutting path and provided guidance in adjusting the details and even the preparation of the documents with programs such as Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator supported.

SignantCut download and prepare the plotter software

SignantCut is a program of older generation. The download of the plotter program is kept very slim, this are some preparations from hand to meet, such as the creation of a spool folder. All necessary steps, however, are explained in detail in the included manual and easy to understand. From the factory, the freeware supports cutters Masterplott, HPGL and PCUT &# 45; However, those who dare to create custom control files, can with the SignantCut download control other models. Alternatively, for more Driver Downloads here.

Cut fonts and forms on the plotter

On the creation of vector templates for the cutting process to understand the Plotter Software Download Not. PLG / HPGL plot files need to be prepared with other software before, see the instructions are conveniently helpful tips. So is the SignantCut manual, for example, as overlaps of script fonts are merged with CorelDraw to afterwards to ensure proper Plott. Thanks to a sophisticated control technology that pays before to produce instead of after blending, SignantCut avoiding punctures in sensitive areas. In this way, the program can prevent cracks in films effectively.

SignantCut download

Upon request, an overlap can also activate, overlaps the end and starting point of various cuts to compensate for small deviations in the concentricity. Continue to monitor the user in the thumbnail of the cutting paths in advance the course of the Plottermesser. This avoids the one hand, unnecessary empty runs of the cutting head and the other hand can optimize the consumption of foil residues.

Plotter software download with setups for different models

Through various cutting plotter setup the plotter software ensures a flawless Download Cut to different film types, such as plotter, Flock films, transfer films or Foils. The following values ​​define user per Plotter Setup:

  • antialiasing
  • overlap
  • knife offset
  • data Resolution
  • Plotterauflösung

Also details on connecting the plotter can adjust itself:

  • connection
  • Bits per second
  • data bits
  • Stop bits
  • parity

SignantCut download settings