The ship simulator download also carries the subtitle "Inland waterways" the program name. According to the players cruises in the simulation game Cargo different types with different water craft the Rhine and down.

Ship Simulator download for PC captains and simulation Friends

The map of the simulation includes the space between Frankfurt and the Dutch border, including the impressive and quite faithfully implemented landscape left and right of the current. Whom the ride on the waterway as such is too boring, here is the control over to the automatic pilot of the ship simulator and is limited exclusively to the sophisticated navigation in the confines of ports. Each successfully completed task brings some experience points to your account, which can take quite well inland captain, in order to invest in new and larger ships or equipment for his boat.

Ship Simulator Download

River cruise through the romantic Rhine Valley

The player is faced with the To fulfill certain missions task. For example, it is to ship liquids by tanker or perform difficult maneuvers with the push boat. but he can also sit back and just down sail only from Frankfurt via Mainz the Rhine up to the Dutch border and enjoy the romantic Rhine Valley and Cologne Cathedral happen.

Loving graphical implementation of inland waterway transport

Worth mentioning are the loving, detailed graphical implementation and original representation of the technique in the IWT. So the captain looking at a realistically illustrated 3D surrounding the cities and rivers. The barges are also modeled on the real transport barges excellent and show detailed cockpits with almost all features that are also found on a real vessel.

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create your own inland waterway vessels with the ship simulator

Ex works are in Ship Simulator Download seven barges and vessels, such as container ship or ferry along with each special missions for election. Who this is insufficient, created by the additional modding package, which is also found in the download area, its own vehicles and loads them via a web interface to the simulator. More Simulation games are available for free download in our software offering. Entertaining tasks for friends of simulation games A long inland navigation need not be boring. By boat simulator enthusiasts can of simulations experience inland navigation on the Rhine and Main fairly realistically and re-enact the profession of a river boatman. The captain is in this case the helm of seven different inland vessels and handles different missions in lifelike mock scenarios.