With the Christmas cards Download can be sent free of charge to loved ones wonderful animated and set to music Christmas greetings. The Christmas cards Web App Kisseo offers a wide range of stylish and funny greeting cards suitable for the Christmas and make for quick and easy Christmas cards.

Christmas cards Download with wonderful selection of animated greeting cards

This is the Christmas cards Download a particularly nice selection of animated and funny Christmas cards. The recipient receives not only Christmas pictures and Christmas sayings, but sees a mouse click a real little Christmas movie. In the mail, the recipient is reminded, for example, in the following words "Good day, We are pleased to announce that Rainer Wagenhäuser has sent you a virtual Kisseo greeting card. You can view the map by clicking on the link below ..." The link is noted in the email sent again separately so that the user can alternatively copy it to click on the Christmas movie and paste it into the address bar of the Web browser.

Christmas cards Download

Christmas card design and send 50 motives

Those who want to make Christmas cards and send, looking from one of the 50 offered in the Web App Christmas card templates. After that the user enters in the field recipients to the e-mail address of the person who is to receive the Christmas card. Under the heading sender can record the following information to: title, first name, name, email, country birthday. The user can also specify on which day the Christmas cards to be delivered. To this end, he clicks the calendar icon next to the date and selects the desired day in the calendar window. Alternatively, you type manually the Zustelltag. Under the animated greeting card sender personalized Christmas card by leaving a personal message that ends up with the Christmas card in the recipient's mailbox.

Christmas cards Download E-mail

All Christmas cards are with music

The following are the titles of all 50 Christmas cards Overview. The free Christmas cards for children and adults are all animated and accompanied by music. With every Christmas card is indicated whether this is really Smartphone compatible.

  • Attention - Radar!
  • Touch all the stars
  • The best gift that's you
  • Decorate the Christmas tree # 1
  • Decorate the Christmas tree # 2
  • Christmas Teddy
  • The magic of Christmas
  • A merry Christmas
  • Merry Christmas # 1
  • Merry Christmas # 2
  • Merry Christmas - Jesus' birth
  • Merry Christmas - crib

Christmas cards Download greeting

  • Merry Christmas - Christmas trees, ice skating
  • Merry Christmas in different languages
  • Merry Christmas with funny little man
  • Merry Christmas with roaring Hirsch
  • Prayers for a blessed Christmas
  • Golden Christmas balls
  • I knit you a Merry Christmas
  • interactive Christmas tree
  • Children dance around the world
  • Small Christmas concert
  • Kisses for Christmas
  • Funny Christmas card
  • Funny concert with Santa Claus and animals
  • Open the window
  • Skating christmas presents
  • Up decorative Christmas trees
  • Toy train
  • Animals in winter forest
  • But when the Santa Claus is hiding?
  • multilingual Christmas

Christmas Cards Download Greeting Cards

  • Christmas on Fireplace
  • Christmas at the North Pole
  • Christmas with the ringing of bells
  • Christmas with animals
  • Christmas Fairytale
  • Christmas Striptease
  • Christmas balloons
  • Christmas letter
  • Christmas Card Singing angel
  • Christmas Card Dancing Santa Claus
  • Santa Claus on a world tour
  • Santa Claus and reindeer
  • Christmas walk
  • Weihnachtsteddy
  • Weihnachtswichtel
  • Throw the turkey on the table!
  • Pull the beard of Santa Claus

Who family, want to make happy friends, relatives or colleagues with beautiful Christmas greetings and seeks additional Christmas downloads, also uses the Christmas sayings download, Christmas poems download, Christmas download Christmas Pictures Download and Christmas greetings download or find popular ideas for the holiday season when coloring Christmas Download and craft templates Christmas download. Many other programs for families includes our well-stocked software catalog.