4 blocks Stream searched? The six-part series that takes place in Berlin Neukölln, has convinced audiences and critics. out here where you can see them legal.

Whoever thinks he can hazard-free after downloading the Kinox.to app or on the sides of Burning Series to stream the current highlight German television production, is wrong. For what was previously a legal gray area, was illegally in May by a judgment of the European Court. Which meant that everyone makes punishable only by the prestige of the title, even though he provides no movies or series or duplicated.

4 blocks StreamThe 4 blocks Stream is the series highlight this year. (Fig TNT)

In these three ways, there is the legal 4 blocks Stream

If you missed the broadcast dates on TNT, can be used to get 4 blocks legally stream on these three ways:

  1. At Sky series with the Sky Entertainment Ticket for 9.99 Euro monthly playable.
  2. Vodafone offers monthly for 17.99 euros and with TV HD Premium Cable 4 blocks in the stream.
  3. With IPTV Telekom there is the German production both in the Big TV package for EUR 19.99 per month or TV package film for 6.99 euros per month.

The most successful German series ever played in Berlin Neukölln

A German series in the style of the Sopranos (reminiscent of the not only the name of the head of the family) can only fail but actually. If one thinks and is surprised when you have the first few minutes saw four blocks. The German production of the pay TV channel TNT is the surprise of the year. Six episodes long, one can observe in unsparing images a Lebanese gangster family in Neukölln. Unlike similar productions of the public channels entirely to the educational approach is lacking. Instead, you see images of Berlin as it really is - at least similar. Even in comparison to series of private channels of 4 blocks stream can positively differentiate itself through the quality of representation. An absolute must in this series summer!

The second season of 4 blocks is already already planned

Even before the season finale production was harvested as much encouragement and outstanding reviews that the next season has already been commissioned. Potential for a sequel is definitely more than enough available. When will there will then see the second season, is not yet known. Presumably it will take a year to the viewers of the pay TV channel TNT learn as with Ali "Toni" Hamady and his family continues. Even if it then also gives the four blocks Stream on Sky, Vodafone and Telekom, remains to be seen.