User songs can a small detour record Spotify. Spotify is currently the most successful music streaming service and leaves the competition as Deezer, Napster and Google Play Music far behind. However, all services have in common is that the tracks can be heard only by the respective built-in player. While all tools provide the opportunity to also listen to the songs online, but this option is always associated with a paid subscription. Who wants to try the leader, come here to free download Spotify.

record SpotifySpotify record? Is this legal? (Picture: Spotify)

Legally record tracks from Spotify?

About a detour to MP3s of tracks that are played on Spotify can be created. However, the law is not quite perfect. For while "Template manifestly unlawful produced or made publicly available" (Copyright Act § 53) applies in Germany in general, the right to private copying, at least when no source is used. However, on the other hand, Spotify expressly prohibits a duplication in its terms and conditions. It says:

"Spotify respects intellectual property rights and industrial property rights and demands the same from you. ... The following is not allowed: to copy any part of the Spotify services or content, transmit, reproduce, "rip" record, transmit, perform or make available to the public ..."

So if you want tracks from Spotify record is violating at least against the terms and conditions of the service provider, which, where appropriate, legal action by Spotify may entail.

contact the No23 Recorder songs from Spotify

Who wants to enjoy without monthly costs his musical Favoritses without an Internet connection, so you have access to a trick. The tool No23 recorder can be created parallel to the currently playing song an audio track. However, actually every song to be played. The principle corresponds roughly to how music tapes were recorded from the radio in the '80s - just digitally instead of analog. If you want to only complete music collection by a few rarities, which may still sneak; but you want to integrate complete albums in his library, which is a very time consuming project. If you want to - despite a legal gray area and the cost - music from Spotify record, the No23 has recorder for a very intuitive operation.

Spotify record No23 Recorderrecord songs from Spotify? No problem for the No23 Recorder (Photo: Ivan Bischof)

The features of the No23 recorder

The No23 Recorder offers the possibility that you can record tracks from Spotify, a number of additional functions. In principle, the tool all sounds that are played on the computer are also recorded. Whether as Diktafone or audio recordings of radio shows, TV shows or music videos - the free tool produces MP3, OGG or WAVE files without sacrificing recording quality.

  • Direct recording to MP3, OGG (Vorbis) or WAVE
  • Better recording quality by peak modulation
  • Select the recording sources
  • timer
  • CD ripper and player
  • Title registration via FreeDB
  • Free update

The alternative clipinc®

the recordings function similarly even after the free clipinc® download. The tool can be easily opened from the system tray after installation. As little flag it attaches also to the Spotify player and is here at the same time the progress of the download. Especially practical: The tool automatically stores media data and cover the downloaded tracks and can be limited to selected playlists.

Absorb with clipinc Spotifyclipinc hangs almost to Spotify and allows the management of downloads easily from its user interface out. (Picture: Tobit Software AG)